So many genuine businesses have been left struggling in the aftermath of the job-killing lockdown, but not the contrived race victim business. That senseless enterprise thrives with self-righteous boldness as it shamelessly capitalises on the horrible death of George Floyd.

Floyd’s killers will be brought to justice. The exploiters of his death, who left violence, vandalism and destruction resulting in murders in their wake, will not be.

White liberals seem to be consumed by the white guilt narratives they’ve cowardly swallowed and are all “taking the knee” (an odd term after the way Floyd was killed) to signal the depth of their humble repentance for having defectively racist DNA.

Police all over the Western world stood aside and let the indignant angry mobs desecrate war memorials and revered statues of our heroes, such as Churchill and Lincoln, that were even urinated upon in broad daylight. It’s repulsive to watch these savages of every colour get away with it.

On the Queen’s Birthday public holiday in New Zealand an indignant copy-cat crowd of 4000 broke all the level 2 lockdown rules of social distancing and cozied up in Aotea Square to “protest racism” and support Black Lives Matter, ostensibly because of what happened to Floyd in Minneapolis. Humbug!

This was an act of groupthink by a whole lot of young people with a herd mentality who are on mass government Covid-welfare and suffering from chronic boredom since the country locked down in March.  They needed a so-called righteous cause to occupy their vain little empty heads and it was provided to them by BLM activist/organisers.

This racism business is all just nonsense, a mass effort to assert mob tyranny in America. 

“Defund the police!” They scream, while they plot to form their own politically-correct Stasi in Minneapolis, where their City Council President Lisa Bender says with a straight face that calling the police to protect you during a home break-in “comes from a place of privilege.”  The woman is clearly a lunatic, but I hope she gets given a much wider sphere of influence as nothing would hand the election to Trump quicker than a Democrat policy to actually defund the police.

No Western country is racist anymore. There’s not even a lingering hangover from old world racism. It’s the very opposite now – white Western nations have fancifully fawned over their minority communities in the last 50 years, indulging them, encouraging them to play the victim and even paying them money to do so, all while ignoring their painfully massive crime rates. And like a bunch of spoiled little brats who never get told “No!”, these overly entitled minorities (and the liberal whites who make a big deal about being on their side) are now throwing destructive tantrums which have led to the deaths of others in America, such as St. Louis police Captain David Dorn (77 years), Oakland Federal Protective Service Officer Patrick Underwood (53 years), Davenport woman Italia Marie Kelly (22 years), Indianapolis man Chris Beaty (38 years) and Indianapolis teenager Dorian Murrell (18 years).  All of these fatalities were black lives that were taken during the looting and riots.

Horace Cooper, Co-Chairman of Project 21 Black Leadership Network makes the point perfectly when he says that America has spent $22 trillion of tax-payer money on “problem solving” and all it has managed to do is enrich the “problem solving class,” so they can have ski holidays in Aspen and drive expensive cars.

“We need victims,” says Cooper, “There is a class of Americans whose entire livelihood is based on the existence of victims…. There is a strong sentiment among the so-called problem-solving class to keep things as they are.”

Cooper explains to Tucker Carlson that before the Social Justice problem-solving class took over, black Americans had above-average levels of family stability, educational attainment and literacy just prior to the advent of social justice policies that were enacted to solve society’s problems. Yet these policies have made things worse.

The race victim business is booming and it seems like the Covid lockdown helped it along.

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