Logic is not a friend to those currently hating on the New Zealand teacher who wore his MAGA hat to the Black Lives Matter protest in Auckland this week. For them to remain consistent in their views they will have to concede that they cannot determine what the hat means to the individual who wears it. Logically they have to concede that as these are the exact same people who defend women who wear the hijab and burqa for the exact same reason.

When feminists like me attack the Muslim headwear as oppressive and a symbol of misogyny we are told that the women who wear it willingly or unwillingly do not see it in that way. In fact we are told that they see it as a beautiful thing and wearing it makes them feel safe and pious.

Logically then, even if to many people the hijab and burqa are offensive and symbolise oppression and misogyny, we cannot condemn those who wear one for wearing it as it may mean something completely different to them. Our personal outrage and revulsion is not enough; they should have the freedom to wear it out in public even if they have no choice in the matter.

Have a look at these comments on David Farrier‘s website. I have re-written them to show how unacceptable leftists would find their own words if the target was a Muslim woman.


SHAME on you Juana for trying to justify this “young woman’s” actions. She knew damn well that wearing a hijab would upset people and then posting a gaudy video for likes. There’s consequences to everything and this woman smeared HERSELF


PS I’d add that I simply reported what this woman *did*. I did it emotively, but honestly – I am just pointing to what happened. She incited whatever is going on in her life. She’s not a child, she’s an adult.

Just imagine how outraged David Farrier and his followers would be if someone ripped a hijab off a Muslim woman’s head and burned it because they hated what it symbolised to them.

These same people feel that burning a teacher’s MAGA hat after ripping it off his head is not only justified but that the teacher deserved the treatment meted out to him because by simply wearing it he was “inciting” violence against him.

Leftists cannot have it both ways. Either people have the right to wear on their heads what they like or they don’t. We are either a free and tolerant society or we aren’t.

Are we really going to go backwards to a society that used to say that a girl in a mini skirt was asking to be raped? The current negative reaction to the wearing of a powerful symbol of patriotism for America tells me that we have regressed and that as usual it is the so-called progressives that are leading the charge back to our judgemental and unjust past.

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