There are a lot of compelling arguments against feminism. The economic reality is that a professional family in the 1950s could survive on one professional salary and a working-class family on a single worker’s wages. In driving up the labour supply, and suppressing wages, the feminist revolution has ensured that both husband and wife must now work to achieve the same thing. Instead of one family member being a dependent of the workforce, both are. How has that helped us? The ‘right’ to work is one thing, but what about wives who don’t want to work and who – if their opinion is voiced – get shouted down by mouthy lefties.

Then we could speak of the death of the suburbs, where no one in fact lives any more – as they are all at work. And the death of local shops, with the exception of ‘woke’ cafes, where metropolitan ‘flaneurs’ gather on the footpath on a Saturday morning, grinning in self-satisfaction, to sun their metaphorical genitals in public.

It was astonishing to hear parents complain during the lockdown of being forced to spend time with their own children. Some commentators admitted to having only the most rudimentary knowledge of their offspring, who usually reside in paid child care, or spend their time fomenting at leisure in left-wing government incubators otherwise known as schools – neither of which, incidentally, impart knowledge or manners.

And in case you were wondering, the large increase in the quantity of dog shit on our footpaths during the lockdown, which persists even today, is due to animals being ejected from ‘doggy day care’ and returned to startled owners – who have never before had to walk them or take care of their needs. The sight of excrement emitting from the rear end of an animal is clearly such a surprise and an affront to the sensibilities of some that they have been unable to summon the courage to pick it up.

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Edward Persimmon
White, male, Christian, middle-class, gainfully employed and married, Edward Persimmon is going nowhere fast on the left’s Pyramid of Victimhood. He attends a traditional church. Persimmon's interests include the eighteenth century and the restoration of individual liberty to these emerald shores. Weary of socialism, he is hugely aggrieved for our nation’s continued descent. He wishes the New Conservative party, and anyone not living off the government, the greatest of success.