What is now becoming apparent is what many of us have believed all along: that compared to most other countries we have not experienced a COVID crisis. The extent to which we have had something of a problem can be laid squarely at the door of the Prime Minister. It was she who caused the crisis by deciding to not go hard and early. This Government has repeated the hard and early line so often that it has turned lying into an art form. The truth is that had we gone hard and early a lockdown might well have been avoided.

It was obvious from very early on that the two priorities were closing the borders and concentrating on the care of the elderly. Neither happened hard and early, and the often repeated lie has to a large extent been the reason for both the number of cases and deaths. Hard and early did not happen because the Prime Minister was desperate to don her Muslim attire for the benefit of the world media.

There was another equally important personal reason for acting in the manner she did. Right from the outset she would have realised the potential this situation created to implement her deeply held desire to turn this country into a Marxist state. A country where there is equality among all comrades. A country where the Government takes control of your everyday life. A country where everyone from big business down to granny in the rest home is dependent on the Government for their very existence.

This is Ardern’s idea of a bright future for our country. An ideologically driven, fundamentally absurd political manifesto that if implemented would bring back memories of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or a modern-day Venezuela. Zimbabwe. Whoa! Let’s stop and think for a minute. White farmers were illegally removed from their farms with violence. Fast forward to Northland last week where Matt King was threatened with violence at an illegal roadblock. Police can now enter homes without a warrant. Extreme similarities maybe, but similarities nevertheless.

These are all actions of dictators, people whose sole aim in life is to exercise control and impose their ideology on others. They don’t care what damage they cause along the way, economic or otherwise. They don’t even understand economic matters. It is well documented that one had problems wrapping fish and chips. If people are reduced to rummaging in rubbish bins for food it doesn’t matter, if a first world country becomes a third world country it doesn’t matter, the implementation of the socialist agenda is the only thing that matters.

Don’t be fooled, this is exactly what has been going on during this manufactured COVID crisis. Ardern has cooked this up to suit her plan and Bloomfield (Sir?) has been complicit in it. People have been mentally screwed to the point where they are too scared to leave the house, to go to work or to go to a restaurant. This is a ridiculous and totally unnecessary state of affairs. Level four and three were never needed. We should not now be in level two. Winston is shrewd enough to state this publicly. Votes?

The scare tactics continue. In the Herald, Ardern and Bloomfield are wary of going into level one early (that’s a joke) and are warning of the “long tail” of COVID-19 and the possibility of a second wave as larger gatherings are allowed. This is all arrant nonsense and straight out of the dictator’s playbook. Keep piling on the fear and you can keep exercising the control. This is despicable behaviour.

Had we had democratic leadership, and not someone with personal agendas, the borders would have been closed promptly, emphasis placed on the elderly particularly those in rest homes, and immediate testing implemented. That is called going hard and early. Those in the younger age groups, who only got the virus mildly if at all should have been allowed to continue working.

We have seen an economy destroyed for no good reason other than to suit the Prime Minister’s deliberate attempt to use a health event to try and achieve her own dangerous personal objectives.

This country has been the victim of the most disgraceful political fraud in living memory.

The BFD. Cartoon credit BoomSlang

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