David Theobald

Yesterday I hijacked ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ idea that this government coalition had four members and not three with the MSM being the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. Our current Prime Minister lives and survives on public opinion that has for some time and in some quarters bordered on adulation. She seeks approbation wherever she can and will do nothing that might jeopardise her standing in the eyes of her sycophantic followers.

Already one of the Horsemen has very publicly said that we should already be in the undefined Level 1. Winston said this at least twice on Wednesday. We all know that Winston has very Winston-centric reasons for everything he says, but one leg of the coalition table is at least looking creaky.

It was suggested on ‘Backchat’ recently that leg two is also starting to waver. We have in the last 48 hours had, to my knowledge, editorials from Hosking, Kerre McIvor, Peter Williams and the other morning Tim Dower and Ryan Bridge spitting out the Kool-Aid.

The BFD. Photoshopped image credit RantyKiwi (Wishful thinking? Maybe not)

They are all broadcasting to potentially nationwide audiences (I think). Their pieces have ranged from the quizzical as to why this farcical level nonsense continues in the light of no viral disease to anger and demands it stops. I lean to the latter point of view.

The PM cannot carry on with only two legs on her table (well one really, the Greens are irrelevant in these matters) and it will take the hide of a rhinoceros for her to continue on her intransigent path for three and a half more weeks; although humility is not one of her strong suits. A concerted effort from leg two and us, the great unwashed, can surely bring an end to this madness before June 22nd.

Stop the Levels insanity – now.


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