A stuff-up for the ages: Win News in Australia accidentally used a prank big dick video in a weather report.

With Win News in Ballarat, Victoria, asking for viewer submissions of the wild weather punters have filmed on their phones, as the region is battered by strong storms, producers clearly didn’t cotton onto the meme buried in one clip. As the presenter threw to one submission in particular, some very eagle-eyed viewers realised one cheeky chap had Photoshopped quite an explicit meme in the background to look like a lightning strike. If you’ve been keeping up with the cool kids on the block, you may have noticed a meme doing the sounds of a rather well-endowed naked man, sitting on a bed and glancing down the camera with his, er, member on full-frontal show. Since resurfacing earlier this year, it’s been dubbed everything from ‘Wood sitting on a bed’ – owing to the name the now-deceased porn star was given by the internet (his real name is Wardy Joubert III) – to ‘huge penis meme’


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