Sorry … Fake News. But imagine the headlines from the CO2-is-evil gang had there been the slightest detectable dip in measured CO2 as a result of the worldwide government mandated lockdowns.

The evil aviation industry has, to all intents, been grounded.

The evil private cars have been parked in garages or sitting idle on the side of the street. The rental car fleets are occupying great swathes of parking lots all over the world. The camper van fleets are sitting idle, either as temporary (unused) COVID-19 accommodation or as bait for thieves.

5000 Rental Cars sit idle in Queenstown

The trucking industry has had its fleet usage savagely reduced. Coal fired power plants have not fired due to decreased demand. Industry turned off its heat sources and production plants.

Fuel demand plummeted and given all that, CO2 levels should have taken a beating.

Certainly air-pollution cleared up, the particulate counts in cities dropped, the skies were clearer and cleaner but what did the CO2 measurements do?

Oh no! The CO2 level went up over the Government mandated lockdown period in exactly the same way it went up at this time of the year in every other preceding year.

Remember how was formed to tell us all that 350 parts per million was the absolute limit, a tipping point beyond which we would all get woodworm in our family tree or some such other doomsday scenario? Well, the measurements are now pushing 416 parts per million and the family tree is doing just fine.

Please do not tell your Greenie friends, it might burst their bubble.

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