This country needs to grow up. We might be led by a PM who treats us like children but that doesn’t mean we all have to become children. People need to wake up to the game Ardern is playing. Every person who thinks her BS rules are necessary is a pawn in her game of control in order to implement her Marxist agenda. We are being painted a picture which is a million miles away from truth and reality.

It is quite distressing to realise just how many presumably sensible adults have been taken in by Ardern’s communist agenda, apparently without realising it. What other reason can there be for people showing such compliance to such a nonsense set of rules. There are fewer than five million of us in this place. A good portion of the country is uninhabited. Apart from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, we live in a series of Jacinda’s bubbles.

Yet, here we are, bowing down to her every inane instruction as if she were Xi Jinping or Kim Jong-un. There are similarities, I admit, both in political thought and actions. Those obeying her every word are unwittingly allowing this country to be taken this down a very dangerous and economically destructive path. This is the path of state control, where the Government rules most of our daily lives. The Government has a stake in most of the larger companies, so they do not fall over. Those on welfare are totally dependent on the Government, and there will be plenty of them.

Fletcher’s are laying off one thousand of their staff. Jacinda will love hearing this as there’s another thousand on welfare dependency. Will the Government step in to save the company? It wouldn’t surprise me because this is all part of the plan. The Fletcher layoffs are just the beginning of what’s to come.

We cannot allow this country to be continued to be ruled in this way. This is the salient point. In a democracy you are governed. In a dictatorship you are ruled. Which is where we are right now. The business of the wage subsidy being about saving jobs is a smokescreen. Workers can’t exist on that and neither can employers keep topping it up. The result is companies go out of business or workers get laid off. Either way suits Ardern because, at the end of the day, it’s the Government who steps in. More control.

Matt King, the National MP for Northland took the silly law into his own hands and had his photo in the media standing with about six others, including staff, at a restaurant in Paihia. Shock horror! They were not observing social distancing which Matt quite rightly describes as BS. He was told there were no longer any roadblocks in his electorate. To make sure he drove north and found one where he was threatened with violence if he went further.

WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND!! This is what is going on in our so-called democracy and we are allowing it to happen. This blind adherence to a foreign doctrine being forced upon us is not the Kiwi way. I thought this country stood for democracy, for freedom of speech, for a unique way of life, for the respect of each other and for the personal choices to achieve in life. This is all being taken away in front of our very eyes. These seemingly petty rules we are all going along with are taking us to a pretty nasty place. We have been deliberately scared witless.

This is not the country I grew up in and it is not the sort of country I want to live in. Anyone who thinks that the PM in charge is God’s gift to this country needs to sit up and pay attention. We are told we are a long way from going into level one. Of course, we are. Mass gatherings could be extended by ten per week. Big announcement on Monday. Anyone who can’t see this is nothing but control needs to accept that their grey matter has gone AWOL!

If this woman gets re-elected, this country will never be the same again. God help us and as of the moment, God help the National Party.

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