I was recently sent a link to the Jacinda Ardern Fan Club on Facebook which is a private group. It was created on the 23 October 2019. What shocked me about it was that they will not tolerate any criticism of her actions even if you are a dyed in the wool genuine Ardern and Labour Party supporter.

Just look at the questions you have to answer in order to gain access to this sycophantic fawning group. It is as if she is a saint who can only be worshipped rather than someone with feet of clay.

The BFD.

I can only imagine what it is like inside the group. Wall to wall butt-kissing I would assume and I bet most of the members are women. If any of you are currently members and would like to share with us screenshots of what goes on inside this church of Our Lady of Perpetual Captains Calls please feel free to send them to me. sb at the bfd.co.nz as they are sure to be amusing.

The BFD.

Part of the art of war is to know your enemy and it will be fascinating to see how Ardern supporters view what has happened to New Zealand under her leadership.

The BFD. Our lady of the internet. Photoshopped image credit Pixy

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