It’s taken me a few days to write this post as I was so bloody angry before. If I had written anything when this came out it would have simply been Marama’s favourite word, in plural, written 800 times.

Quite how we have come to this point is beyond me. We now have the Commissioner of Police Andrew Coster, the most powerful cop in the land, writing opinion pieces for no lesser literary giant than Stuff! (I sure hope he didn’t get any of that sweet fifty Mil for this grovelling garbage).

That in itself is bad enough but to use that unprecedented opportunity to then kowtow to Maori, gang members and criminals just blows my mind. I don’t know what it is with these guys: just like Ex-Commissioner Bush, Andrew Coster was quite well respected on the front line, but now the man is a political cuckold. I would suggest that he be chained up and whipped but I reckon he might like it!

Please feel free to read the entire thing to realise just how bad policing now is in New Zealand. “Coronavirus: Iwi checkpoints were about safety and discretion“, but here are a couple of excerpts for you.

“For many Maori communities, the knowledge that, on a per capita basis, seven times as many Maori died compared to Pakeha in the last big epidemic was an understandable cause for fear and concern. There is strong scientific evidence that indigenous people are much more vulnerable to epidemics, consistent with other poor health outcomes.”

Translation: ‘Maori like to tell stories and they still won’t take their people to the doctor but it’s not their fault, it’s just the weird entitled/victimised way they look at life. To be fair it’s probably whiteys fault.’

‘Oh please Miss, not the cat-o-nine-tails’! Photoshop – Rick H, The BFD.

Coster goes on to simper;

“In light of this, these communities feared not only the loss of loved ones (like all New Zealanders), but the wiping out of their cultural heritage as a result of Covid-19. A number of rural Maori communities, predominantly in the central, east and north of the North Island, sought to protect their kaumatua and kuia, and the wider community, when they felt no other mechanism was available to them.”

What utter, utter horseshit! The only thing that will wipe out their cultural heritage is their own apathy. Setting up illegal roadblocks was never about protecting their old people. If it had been, we wouldn’t have had to put up with Dr Lance O’Sullivan lecturing his own people about being useless hua’s breaching the level four lockdown provisions (then going on to breach them himself, calling himself, and I quote, “I’m a dick and I fucked up. Fuck, what a silly bugger, eh? A silly bastard.” Ok fella, I’m not going to contradict you.

Dr Lance O’Sullivan, Maori fulla, bit of a dick at times, and all around saviour of the nephs. TheBFD.

Coster meanwhile, on his knees by now begging to be given a bit of a tickle-up by his new masters, carries on his whimpering.

“These small communities moved with urgency to establish community-led checkpoints to discourage movement not permitted under the level 4 controls. This was an approach that police actively discouraged.”

“However, where communities determined that they were committed to doing this, we worked to ensure permitted movement (to the level allowed under level 4) was maintained.”

Translation; ‘Just like we did with that gun confiscation thingy that my best mate Bush was in charge of, we asked those fullas nicely if they would comply. They gave us the big GFY, so we just rolled over and decided we were planning to work with our friends in the Mongrel Mob all along.’

Mongrel Mob team up with other loser gangs for ‘Kindness Patrols” all over New Zealand. Photoshop – Boondecker, The BFD.

Anyway, Commissioner Cuckold carries on;

“With minor exceptions, police were satisfied that the action being taken in these communities was strongly aligned to the controls that the Government had put in place, and community interactions were positive and enhancing community safety…”

“Further, we were mindful that a strong enforcement-led response to the community checkpoints could lead to protests at various sites around the country, where large numbers of people gathering would have increased the risk to the community, rather than reduce it.”

Translation: ‘We know there is no legal power for even us Blue Shirts to stop youse guys and as sure as I like the taste of leather, I know we aint got no power to stop all those scary Gang fullas. We knew they would kick our arse if we tried to heavy them, you know cause they still got guns and stuff, so better that we just keep sucking up a bit longer incase shit got serious and we would all look like eggs.’

Then Coster starts to get tough with;

“We have been very clear that the checkpoints will not continue into level 2.”

But even that couldn’t last as just a couple of paragraphs later he submits further.

“Police will not tolerate the establishment of further self-initiated checkpoints where these have not been previously discussed, consulted and agreed.

Oh ok, so the Police aren’t going to let any more dodgy checkpoints continue under level two, except for the ones that they are going to allow. Right, ok, that sounds good Gimpmissioner.

Geeze, I hope he remembers his safe word when the time comes. Not sure he should have picked this one though as who knows what version of the pronunciation is current.


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