Today’s face of the day, former Green MP Catherine Delahunty, is tone-deaf to her own racism. She happily diagnoses it in others but fails to see the log in her own eye.

The BFD. Catherine Delahunty happily labelling white folk as “asymptomatic racists”
  1. She promotes a petition asking the PM to continue to allow illegal checkpoints run by iwi.

2. She claims that people who want all New Zealanders treated equally under the law are racist!

The BFD According to Ms Delahunty Pakeha are racist for expecting equal treatment under the law

3. She is an apologist for gangs and their wearing of gang patches to intimidate the public.

The BFD. According to Ms Delahunty this is a photo of some community minded citizens who just happen to be wearing intimidating gang patches.
The BFD. Apparently Pakeha need to see beyond the intimidation of a gang patch to the upstanding member of the community well hidden under all the tattoos.

4. Finally, she resorts to the same excuse that many people losing an argument resort to. She points out that iwi were not the only ones to break the law.


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