Watched ‘Planet of the Humans’ on YouTube last night. A real eye-opener for me and my other half. Interestingly she was also inspired to watch Andrew Bolt and Rowan Dean‘s take on the movie as well, which came up immediately afterwards.

The best part for the bulk of the movie is the skewering of the whole green, environmentalist, renewable energy lobby/racket. The Green political parties and their supporters do not have a leg to stand on any more.

Just remind them that solar panels are made mostly from mined quartz and coal and these and the wind farms have only a 20 year life span at best. In addition, ‘biomass’ is just trees cut down, converted to chips and then burned.

It’s a pretty downbeat movie as far as humanity’s future is concerned and relies heavily upon the Malthusian concepts of overpopulation and the need to reduce our impact on the planet.

We already have effective contraceptive methods, so population control has been effective in developed countries; less so in other nations. Reducing our impact on the planet is something I think ordinary people want, but for sure, our leaders will go back to their wasteful damaging ways of travel and conduct without blinking an eye.

No more world meetings involving virtue-signalers heading away to global conferences; that should be the new norm.

A push to develop better nuclear energy options seems a better way to go. Renewables are dead and buried. It’s clear after watching the movie why big business and billionaires are tied up with renewables so strongly.

So much fossil fuel is used in the sourcing of raw materials and construction of these things that they are literally laughing all the way to the bank.

I cannot recommend strongly enough that you watch this movie.

The BFD.

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