It’s an old saying that “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”. But when it comes to the mainstream media and President Donald Trump, the lies circle the globe with hypersonic speed while the truth is forbidden a boarding pass.

From the lie that Trump called all Mexicans rapists and drug dealers to the lie that Trump praised white supremacists, the media have lied, deceived, distorted, dissembled, fabricated and slandered without shame. At this point, absolutely nothing the mainstream media says about Trump should be taken without a Siberian grain of salt.

The “Trump said to inject disinfectant” narrative is a lie, too. But, now, it appears that another media beat-up about Trump has an even darker twist.

A homicide unit is reportedly investigating the death of a man who allegedly drank fish tank cleaner last month along with his wife in an attempt to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

“The Mesa City Police Department’s homicide division is investigating the death of Gary Lenius, the Arizona man whose wife served him soda mixed with fish tank cleaner in what she claimed was a bid to fend off the coronavirus,” The Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman reported. “A detective handling the case confirmed the investigation to the Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday after requesting a recording of the Free Beacon’s interviews with Lenius’s wife, Wanda.”

When the Arizona couple allegedly had ingested fish tank cleaner (choloroquine phosphate) because they mistook it for hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug touted by Trump as a possible treatment for COVID-19, the media reacted with their usual, sober, fact-based investigative journalism. Which is to say, they gibbered and howled like a cage full of deranged monkeys, throwing their excrement at all within reach. From hooting at how dumb Trump supporters supposedly are to screeching that the president has blood on his hands, the mainstream media fell over each other in a gleeful cluster-orgy of fact-free fake news.

It’s only now that the facts are emerging – and the real story looks very different.

Goodman interviewed friends of Lenius who described him as an intelligent, level-headed engineer who was not prone to impulsive and reckless behavior, like drinking fish tank cleaner[…]“I would like people to know that Gary was not the fool that some of the media stories and comments are depicting him to be. I really don’t think Gary knew what he was taking.”

Another friend described the marriage as troubled, saying that “Wanda would constantly berate Gary in public.”

Indeed, Wanda Lenius allegedly has a history of violent abuse of her husband.

Seven months after their wedding, the Waterloo Police Department responded to a domestic incident at their home[…]

The state attorney’s office charged Wanda Lenius with misdemeanor domestic abuse assault. But the couple reconciled and Gary Lenius testified in support of his wife at the trial, saying he was not hurt or put in fear of injury[…]due to Gary Lenius’s trial testimony, the judge said he was unable to find “proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Defendant either placed her husband in fear, injured him, or that she had the intent to do so.”

The homicide investigation is echoed by friends of the couple who have alleged that Wanda may have tricked Gary into ingesting the deadly chemical.

Even more, the mainstream media response guaranteed that the anti-Trump Wanda got a twofer: rid of her husband and a free platform to bash a president she allegedly hates.

A separate report from Goodman highlighted how Wanda, who immediately attacked the president over the incident, was a Democrat donor who did not like Trump.

Wanda Lenius, who donated to anti-Trump political groups, repeatedly used interviews to attack the president for what she claimed was misleading “advice”. Even though Trump never suggested anything of the sort, the media happily perpetuated the lies.

Time and police investigations will tell whether or not Wanda Lenius killed her husband, but the verdict is already in on the mainstream media’s first premeditated murder of fact-based journalistic integrity.

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