Ferals in cars were a contentious subject on The BFD’s predecessor, but, rest assured, we have them in Australia, too. In spades.

And not all ferals are welfare-hoovers in clapped-out Commodores, either. Some of them are very rich and drive very expensive cars.

They’re not any less feral for that, though.

As Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor lay pinned by a semi-trailer on Wednesday night, Richard Pusey was captured by her body camera whining about how police had “f…ked” his car.

Taylor’s body camera recorded her groaning and Mr Pusey filming the horrific crash on his iPhone, a court has heard.

Mr Pusey, a mortgage broker, had been pulled over on the inbound lane of the Eastern Freeway, about 7km east of the CBD at 4.50pm on Wednesday and it is alleged Mr Pusey was driving his $150,000 Porsche 911 at 149km/h with methamphetamine and cannabis in his system.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday heard details of the truck crash which killed four police officers while they processed paperwork for Mr Pusey in the emergency lane.

“There you go, amazing, absolutely amazing,” he is allegedly recorded saying after the crash.

“All I wanted to do was go home and have my sushi. You have f…ked my f…king car.”

Well, what does a feral do in the face of havoc, but whip out their phone and grab some selfies to send to their mates and bung up on Facey?

That night Mr Pusey allegedly contacted an Australian Federal Police officer he knew and sent a video he had filmed.

He allegedly sent photos to someone else and exchanged messages, “joking” about how he hoped he would get out of it without a fine.

Mr Pusey contacted his barrister the next day and went to a police station in Docklands, bringing a phone that had been restored to its factory settings.

He has also been charged with destroying evidence.

Facebook has since removed the graphic images.

Old mate has quite a rep, it turns out.

Pusey, meanwhile, surrendered to police in the morning, as his wild past was made known, including facing multiple charges that are unrelated to the freeway smash.

An ugly video rant emerged of him apparently screaming at a cancer survivor in 2016: “Get some more cancer, you stupid f..king slut. I hope you f..king die.’’

[…]Police said on Thursday that Pusey was on bail for unlawful assault and theft charges and was due before Collingwood Neighbourhood Justice Centre later this month.

You can take a feral out of Frankston (or “Frankghanistan” as it’s known), but you can’t take the Frankston out of the feral.

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