BFD Political corner: Election 2020 is a series that features political speeches, political ads and political campaigns on social media from a range of different political parties in the lead up to the New Zealand election.

Today we have the Media Party:

Below are some election advertisements run by the Media Party. It is far and away the biggest election campaign so far, with an open-ended budget, paid for by the taxpayers.

Here are a couple of election ads run by a newspaper, as part of their current campaign entitled: “The Whole World Thinks Jacinda Is Wonderful, so Vote for Her”.

The BFD. Election 2020 Media Party ad one.
The BFD Election 2020 Media Party ad Two

This campaign has a common theme. In one instance, a Kiwi writes an article for a US newspaper, which is then claimed to be the view of the United States. In the other, an Australian writes an article for a Perth newspaper, which is then copied by a UK tabloid, which is then claimed by a newspaper in New Zealand as being the view of the UK. How clever is that?

Please send us links to any speeches, social media campaigns, funny memes and any other political content promoted by NZ political parties for inclusion in this series. They don’t have to be good, they just need to be what is being used by a political party to fight this election.

I am confident that our viewers will critique the content’s effectiveness in the comments.


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