Finance Minister Grant Robertson was interviewed by Mike Hosking on 31st of March. When asked about the effects of the Coronavirus on the New Zealand economy he was frank.

“Generations will be paying for it,” he said.

But should they? Should we?

The devastation that was caused by the Coronavirus is absolutely man-made, even if we assume (as I do) that the virus itself arose naturally and was not manufactured in a lab.

The virus started in Wuhan, yet instead of being open to the world about the problem they were facing (in which case the entire Western world would have been sympathetic, helpful and supportive), the CCP did everything it could to deny, blame innocent doctors who were busy trying to save lives and hide the truth.

They had plenty of time to stop the virus in its tracks. Instead they did the opposite, allowing things to get many times worse. It was only when the virus was way out of control, and the truth could no longer be hidden, that they admitted they might have a problem. And even then they tried to blame the US for the virus, suggesting repeatedly that the US military was at fault.

This could have all been very different. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. But had China been transparent and dealt with the problem before enabling its spread across the world, many, many lives would have been spared. Whole economies would have been spared from the disaster they now face.

While the virus itself, if you give China the benefit of the doubt, may not have been deliberate, the fallout of the virus most certainly has been.

China is to blame.


If we do not demand reparations, and protect our economies with watertight legislation, China is now in a unique position to pick through the bones of our economies. First it will have ruined us, then it will be able to profit from our ruin, as private businesses fall through the floor in value and entire sectors of our economy can be bought up for next to nothing.

You couldn’t have planned it better.

So yes, reparations and legal protection. I’m not sure there is any other way unless we all want to become serfs to the CCP in very short order. Sure, you could argue that New Zealand was headed that way already, but this will finish the job unless we act fast.

We have a choice before us: protect ourselves, or be owned.

As for the reparations, I think the choice is clear: repossess all Chinese-owned entities, all Chinese-owned land, all Chinese-owned property in New Zealand, in payment for this mess. Sell it all on the open market, to New Zealand citizens and NZ-citizen-owned corporations only.

Then put in place firm legislation against foreign sale of any property or businesses, until our economy has fully recovered and is back to normal.

That might help pay, just a bit, for the disaster China has caused.

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