Australian political firebrand Pauline Hanson hasn’t been holding back – as usual – about the Chinese communist regime’s complicity in the global COVID-19 pandemic and what Australia should do in response.

Now, another maverick conservative, Nationals MP George Christensen, is going even harder.

China should be made to pay reparations for the outbreak of the coronavirus, but given they are unlikely to do so “maybe (Australia) can take back the land that their foreign owned corporations have as damages” says Nationals MP George Christensen.

Australians have watched with increasing frustration and growing anger as more and more Chinese-owned – which is to say, communist regime-controlled – companies snap up key strategic assets in Australia. As Sky News hosts Alan Jones and Peta Credlin reiterated, no-one is opposed to investment – but ownership is a different beast entirely.

“It’s not in the national interest to have state owned corporations owning Australian companies,” Mr Christensen said[…]

“In my view, and I think in most of the public’s mind as well, it’s not in the national interest to have state-owned corporations owning Australian companies, foreign state-owned corporations owning Australian agribusiness and strategic assets.

“I think that this whole event, and what’s happened before it, what’s happened after, with China, is going to ensure that there’s a big re-think about how we do business with that country…we desperately need to change the definition of national interest.”

The government has already – temporarily it says – tightened foreign investment rules by lowering the review threshold to $0. Which, of course, still relies on the bureaucrats at the Foreign Investment Review Board being more than just a rubber-stamp. As Christensen says, Australians have little reason to be confident in the bureaucrats at the FIRB.

“But I am confident in Josh Frydenberg and in Scott Morrison in actually understanding what the public mood is and reflecting that in decisions. The buck stops with them.”

Frydenberg and Morrison can hardly fail to be aware that the public mood has firmly hardened against the communist regime.

As Alan Jones says, “The Chinese communist regime is entirely responsible for crashing the world economy”.

Still, “unlikely” is a mild way to describe the likelihood of Beijing actually stumping up for what it has done. But, like a Wuhan wet market, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

If the left complains, we just need to point out that it was perfectly OK for their beloved ‘decolonising’ third-world countries to nationalise foreign assets. We would just be de-colonising ourselves from Beijing.

The final word goes to Alan Jones:

“As I’ve always said, it doesn’t matter who runs the country if you don’t own it.”

Alan Jones

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