BFD Political corner: Election 2020 is a new series that features political speeches, political ads and political campaigns on Social media from a range of different political parties in the lead up to the New Zealand election.

Today we have the Maori Party:

The Maori Party have delayed the launch of its new-look party to fight COVID-19 in Maori communities.

The party was set to make some major announcements last weekend about its new leadership and policies, but responding to the COVID-19 crisis became their priority.

“All of us are quite busy helping our own iwi or communities,” […]

“So what we have decided to do is put all our party business on hold and help our people.”

Wilson said Tamaki Makaurau candidate John Tamihere was supplying hygiene packs for vulnerable whanau in Auckland

Taihauauru candidate Debbie Ngarewa-Packer has mobilised her iwi health organisation to provide support to Taranaki whanau.

Waiariki candidate Rawiri Waititi is implementing a road block to protect communities in the East Coast.

He said Heather Te Au Skipworth, its candidate in Ikaroa Rawhiti, has been busy working with the DHB.

“It has been quite positive in that everyone has been helping one another.”

Wilson said he will be looking to launch the party at the end of next month, if Alert Level Four ends as planned.

Please send us links to any speeches, social media campaigns, funny memes and any other political content promoted by NZ political parties for inclusion in this series. They don’t have to be good, they just need to be what is being used by a political party to fight this election.

I am confident that our viewers will critique the content’s effectiveness in the comments.


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