I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting really rather tired of MPs stuffing around on Twitter while the economy burns.

Take this tweet from Deborah Russell, a member of the Government:

While jobs are being lost, businesses are failing and the economy is tanking, all because Jacinda Ardern held off closing the borders until way too late, these clowns are stuffing around on Twitter.

Deborah Russell seems to be trying really hard to make Simon Bridges seem competent.

I think it is time for MPs from the Prime Minister down to feel some of the pain all of us are feeling. Their pay should be cut in half. It is the right thing to do while we all sit at home because the PM thought that holding off on anything so she could hug a few Muslims in Christchurch was preferable to just shutting down the borders.

If she had acted in February then sure we would have lost the tourism industry, but by waiting till it was too late, she has destroyed the economy. It can’t have been a surprise; we all knew there was a problem in February. Instead, she held off and held off until it was too late.

Now they are throwing cash around without an economy to pay for it all. They need some pain too.


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