The panic buying in our supermarkets has exposed so many of their employees to the possibility of infection as their place of work is invaded by so many inconsiderate morons, akin to hordes of gluttonous vultures devouring a decomposing carcass.

I would like to celebrate the extraordinary commitment being exhibited by those who work in our many supermarkets and their supply chains throughout the nation. I think of all the suppliers whose merchandisers work throughout the night restocking barren shelves with their companies’ products. Those employed in the supermarkets who operate the checkouts, replenish the shelves and coordinate the vast array of merchandise arriving through their storeroom doors.

I acknowledge the truck drivers who deliver the produce, and also the suppliers’ warehouse employees who are working 24/7 to sort, pack and load trucks. I acknowledge the people running the pharmacies. What an amazing job all these people do. The one common theme that accompanies most of these people is that they are working for not much more than minimum wage. I congratulate them all for their desire to embrace the dignity of employment when it would be so much easier to have access to a similar income without lifting a finger.

They work for an essential service. They take care of our needs, they are at risk of infection and yet they box on. For that, we salute them. They are genuinely valued by the majority of responsible shoppers.

The BFD. Image by Ira Lee Nesbitt from Pixabay

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