Here’s a Wokestuff article about the imminence of new hate speech laws. I have said all along that the main object of these laws is to criminalise criticism of Islam. Watch the video in this link, where a “New Zealand citizen” with a barely intelligible accent promotes these laws, and see who else pops up. For instance, the President of the Manawatu Muslim Association:

The BFD. DAVID UNWIN/STUFF President of the Manawatu Muslim Association Riyaz Rahman says there is still work to be done on curbing hate speech.

Watch too as sneaky “Comrade Little-Lenin” Andrew Little uses the distraction afforded by the “Communist China Virus” to spring these laws upon us by stealth. He and the Supreme “Human Wrongs” Commissar, Paul Hunt the Corbynista, have been working in secret for months on this.

The BFD. Labour MP Andrew Little, Chief Human Rights Commissioner, Paul Hunt.

Wokestuff must have creamed themselves writing this article:

Proposed hate speech laws for New Zealand are imminent.

Justice Minister Andrew Little told Stuff the Government is bringing forward changes around hate speech, but shaping a law had taken time.

[…] “The review of our hate speech laws are in the final stages. I expect there will be an announcement in a matter of weeks.”

Enjoy Sharia Law!

“There is no such thing as a right not to be offended.”

Salman Rushdie

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