What do you know? Pollution levels are down, the sky can be seen over China and the canals in Venice are cleaner than ever in living memory. And what brought this about? The coronavirus pandemic. A real emergency, where thousands have already lost their lives, forced us to change our behaviour overnight.  The environmental improvements are a welcome consequence.

In recent years the moral posturers, lead by our Prime Minister, Megan and Harrry and a cast of thousands (from the ‘do as I say not what I do’ brigade) have preached to us how we should live our lives whilst jetting off to their next summit or holiday at another exotic location. And the dangerous, life-threatening carbon emissions continued to rise!

Overnight this has all changed. Forced to close borders and observe physical distancing to contain a deadly virus, President Trump has announced the G7 will be held by video conference. A perfectly practical alternative which can achieve the same outcomes without the huge bills for dirty carbon-emitting jets, expensive hotels, sumptuous meals and thousands of hangers-on. 

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

The world’s leaders have been forced to use a technological alternative, because this is a REAL EMERGENCY, not a fake one dreamed up by the progressives for their own ends. 

My question is (and has always been) if manmade climate change is a ‘thing’, why have world leaders and companies not been extensively using video conferencing since its emergence to be economical, promote environmental sustainability and… save the world?

The answer is simple. There is no climate emergency; the world is NOT coming to an end (but could definitely do with some tweaks around the edges to make it more sustainable). If it were, drastic action would have been taken by our leaders by now. 

Video conferencing (not jet travel to far-flung destinations) would be de rigueur for all, most of the time.  Perhaps a system similar to ‘carless days’, like we had in 1979 during the global fuel crisis, would have been enforced in Auckland to ease congestion and cut emissions because (like our current real emergency) the alternative would be too terrible to contemplate.

The students’ climate change protests, where they beat their chests and bemoan lack of action, led by ‘rising star’ Luke (the Green’s candidate for Mt Albert), get them publicity on the evening news and a day off school. But then it’s back to their old routines, selfishly ignoring the environmental consequences of their own actions. A bunch of moral posturers, like their grown-up ideologue mates.

The Covid-19 Pandemic is scary and life-changing. IT IS REAL. We must change or face fatal consequences. Not just virtue signal and then return to our thoughtless, self-absorbed ways.

The question is: will we like the new improved world, which we have unintentionally created through a real crisis, enough to take real transformative action (not the pretend stuff Ardern and her cohorts preach) after the pandemic has calmed down and life returns to normal? 

I can’t think of any drawbacks. Apart from the reduction of photo-ops of Ardern pretending to save the planet. That would be a shame.

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