The old adage that what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger may never be truer in our time than in the case of the Corona Virus that is currently throwing almost everyone into hysteria and panic.

First, even if Islamo-Marxist Merkel’s doomsday prophecy comes true, and 70% of us catch the virus, the vast majority of us won’t die from it. We’ll have mild symptoms, if we even have symptoms at all, and come through with impunity and immunity.

Second, the virus emanated from the two countries that most odiously constitute the Axis of Evil in the contemporary world: Islamic Iran and Communist China. The fact that civilised nations are now closing their borders to these totalitarian shit-holes is a gigantic step forward that would otherwise have been unachievable in the Age of Woke.

Third, Orange the Magnificent has put his country on a war footing against the virus, notwithstanding that Dem-Scum and Fake News—other integral parts of the current Axis of Evil—screeched that closing borders and airports was “racist” before they said he’d closed the borders and airports too late. None will dare challenge his southern border wall again. Some may even realise the necessity for a similar wall along the northern border.

Fourth, in the face of the closing of government indoctrination centres known as “schools” and “universities”—yet another integral part of the current Axis of Evil—conscientious parents will recognise the insidious vileness being perpetrated by these institutions and withhold their children permanently from the clutches of the child-molesters of the mind. Home-schooling and Montessori will rise to heights hitherto unknown. Woke will no longer be drilled into vulnerable, innocent minds.

Fifth, the irresistible supremacy of Western Culture in its intractable commitment to science and reason will be appreciated as never before, since we’re relying on science and reason to produce a vaccine—which they assuredly will, in record time on this occasion.

Sixth, the irresistible supremacy of Western Culture in its intractable commitment to Truth and Beauty will also be appreciated as never before. The Number One self-avowed enemy of Western Culture right now are the Wokers. “Wokers.” Rhymes with “Jokers” and sounds similar to “Wankers.” You only have to look at Wokers to know they never wash their hands or anything else, since hygiene is a tool of White Western Patriarchal Gender-Binary Oppression. Wokers are inveterate promoters of non-objectivity and ugliness for the sake of non-objectivity and ugliness. Corona will destroy them.

Corona will not kill Western Civilisation. Corona will only make Western Civilisation stronger—at the exact moment Western Civilisation needed a helping hand.