From the 1950s on, a decades-long craze for lobotomies swept the medical world. Never mind that the evidence for its efficacy was nebulous at best – doctors convinced themselves that it worked simply because they so desperately wanted to believe that it did.

After all, lobotomy offered a quick surgical short-cut around any manner of problems, from schizophrenia to homosexuality. “Lobotomy,” as Dr. Freeman happily avers, in Frances, “gets them home”. Contrary to the film, as it happens, France Farmer was never lobotomised – but tens of thousands of people were. It was only as the years and evidence mounted that it was realised just what a terrible toll lobotomy actually wreaked.

Half a century later, too many in the medical profession, abetted by unscrupulous activists, are going ga-ga for a new miracle fad: transition.

Many mainstream doctors are simply unaware that children’s hospital gender clinics carry out invasive medical treatments based on low-quality evidence, according to a new global watchdog body.

[…]US physician William Malone, the spokesman of the new Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine[…says] “Even among endocrinologists and mental health professionals, let alone the rest of the medical community, I think there is a great lack of knowledge about what’s occurring (in the youth gender clinics),” he said.

Doctors administering a radical and dangerous therapy that they don’t fully understand, simply because they think it gets fast and easy results. Sound familiar?

Since the mid-2000s there has been an exponential rise in often troubled teenagers, disproportionately girls, seeking life-altering medical treatment for being “born in the wrong body”.

Many reportedly come to gender clinics with pre-existing mental health problems, autism, suppressed same-sex attraction, a history of child sex abuse or family trauma, and there is debate about whether they are getting the right treatment.

“The affirmative model essentially excludes investigation of underlying issues that may be causing sex confusion or gender dysphoria,” Dr Malone said.

“Such an approach to an adolescent female, for example, with an autism spectrum condition flies in the face of the ethical practice of medicine.

Sometimes the horrific effects of lobotomy were immediately obvious, as when patients were reduced to drooling infants. Sometimes, the devastating effects would take years to manifest.

“We are also starting to see multiple (young adult) ‘detransitioners’ come forward and say, ‘Hey I had a lot of stuff going on and the gender clinicians did not do their jobs, they did not investigate why I was presenting with gender dysphoria’.

“‘They missed the actual cause and as a consequence I went down a path of medicalisation that I now regret’.”

Hypocritically, the rainbow lobby rails against and wants to outlaw so-called “conversion therapy”. Yet, given that there is good evidence that many “transgender” youngsters are in reality confused homosexuals, “transition” is perhaps the most odious form of conversion therapy imaginable.

Thankfully, the backlash against this dangerous, unproven medical meddling is gathering pace.

British psychotherapist Marcus Evans who resigned in protest from the governing body that runs the Tavistock gender clinic[…]felt concerns about the surge in atypical teenage-onset gender dysphoria were not being taken seriously, with clinicians discouraged from probing the causes by cries of “transphobia”.

Dr Malone, an endocrinologist, said most primary care doctors were oblivious to the gender clinic controversy partly due to mainstream media failures — “in particular, the continued misreporting of the suicide risk, and the claims that if you don’t immediately treat young people with hormones and surgeries, they will commit suicide”.

“We actually have no reliable data to demonstrate high rates of suicide among gender dysphoric young people, nor do we have quality data to show that hormones and surgeries prevent suicides. Some data even suggest very high post-surgery suicide rates.”

The lawsuits are beginning already. Here’s hoping the chickens come home to roost where they belong, with a vengeance – and a generation of young people are freed from a discredited, unscientific, damaging ideology.

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