You might think that poor old Tim “Soupy” Soutphommasane would be at a bit of a loose end these days, ever since he was finally prised, shrieking and wailing, from the taxapayer teat. But, never fear, the nomeklatura look out for themselves. Soupy now revels in the gloriously Marxist title of “Professor of Practice, Sociology and Political Theory” at the University of Sydney, a sinecure which allows him to continue his favourite sport of sniffing out imaginary racism (while studiously ignoring the endemic anti-Semitism on his own campus).

Tim’s latest eructation of race-hustling is shouting at us that we’re all just big ol’ racists for being worried about coronavirus.

What happens next with the coronavirus outbreak? The truth is no one really knows. It could end up being contained in the not too distant future. Lockdowns imposed across China, along with travel restrictions, may have the desired effect in stopping the disease’s spread.

And pigs may fly. Tim is displaying the standard leftist immunity to facts: the spread of coronavirus is accelerating.

But, hey, who cares about a deadly new virus? Soupy’s got his gimlet eye firmly fixed on the real problem: ol’ whitey being racist again.

Not that you’d know from what’s happening in our cities. Shops and restaurants in Chinatowns and Chinese precincts such as Chatswood and Eastwood in Sydney, and Box Hill and Glen Waverley in Melbourne, are struggling. Many are on the verge of collapse. Trade in many parts has come close to a standstill on account of people avoiding Chinese businesses (though this includes many Chinese Australians themselves staying at home).

Actually, if you’ve ever been in places like Melbourne’s Chinatown, you’d notice a distinct demographic predominating. It’s not called Chinatown for nothing. Many Asian Australians are clearly as worried as anyone about coronavirus. But, Tim’s race-coloured glasses only ever let him see white people. Who are, it goes without saying, all racists.

While it’s certainly true that there have been some anti-Asian incidents in the wake of coronavirus, many claims of “attacks” seem not unlike the perennial scare-stories of so-called “Islamophobia”: a few, isolated incidents, bolstered with a whole lot of friend-of-a-friend-just-totally-reckons anecdotes.

If you think that’s “racist”, you really have too much time on your hands. The BFD.

Others are just jokes that cannot remotely be construed as “racist” unless you’re hopelessly addicted to finding “racism” at every turn. A Sydney cafe was brutally savaged for posting the Dad Joke that coronavirus “won’t last long because it’s made in China”. Which is clearly poking fun at the demonstrated fact of cheap, “Chinese knock-offs” – which says everything about the communist party’s wholesale looting of intellectual property and nothing about the Chinese as a race.

All this nonsense is amped to fever pitch by race hustlers whose livelihood depends on fomenting imaginary “racism”. Right on cue, here’s Tim, demanding more money.

The federal government could start by re-funding a strong anti-racism strategy (the Canadian government is funding a four-year $45million campaign).

Gosh. Three guesses as to who’d find themselves a cosy little sinecure.

Then there’s that old leftist favourite, the so-called “dog whistle”.

For example, it was important the government evacuated Australian citizens (mostly Chinese Australian) stranded in the Chinese city of Wuhan. That it chose to quarantine them on Christmas Island, however, smacked of malicious dog-whistling.

Or perhaps the simple fact that Christmas Island is nicely isolated, thus preventing the spread of potential infections, and already has the infrastructure in place to handle an influx of evacuees.

Word to the wise, Tim: if you can hear a dog-whistle, you must be one of the dogs.

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