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The Author is Heather Morris who resides in Melbourne and is a native of New Zealand. She was introduced to Lale Sokolov, who the book is based on. According to the introduction, she wrote the story as a screenplay before reshaping it as her debut novel.

The book focuses on his time at Auschwitz and the immediate aftermath, and how he was able to survive his time there by obtaining the job as a tattooist putting the infamous numbers on each person who arrived. He met his future wife whilst tattooing her arm and the book goes on to describe how he was able to build a relationship with one of the Germans, which helped him survive.

The book is not a deep dark sojourn of all the atrocities, which means it is easier to read. Heather Morris manages to add enough detail, without repulsing the reader, to get across the atrocities that occurred. Yet the real story is about Lale and his life there.

The book left me with lots of questions as to how Lale dealt with life afterwards; however, there is so much that has been written about the Holocaust that the gaps can be filled in with your imagination.

It’s an easy read and flows really well and it’s hard to put down. It was great for the 16-hour flight I was on!

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