Dear Readers The BFD has a few small boxes of brand new books to give away as prizes once a week on View From Your Window. The prize day will be random apart from tomorrow which will definitely be a prize day.

The winner will get to choose their prize and there are three books to choose from.

  1. I’ve Been Thinking by Richard Prebble published 1996 Value $46
  2. The Art of the Argument by Stefan Molyneux published 2017 Value $12.82
  3. How Baby Boomers, Immigrants and Islam Screwed my Generation by Lauren Southern published 2016 Value $9.95
The BFD. View From Your Window Book Prize choice.

Tomorrow we have a curly one for you all. It is a view from an aeroplane and the first person to correctly identify the landmass below will be the winner.

Good luck everyone.