Dame Nadia Glavish said, “It was Aotearoa before we got a foreign sailor coming in here. Why should we have to go through the trials and tribulations to be who we are in our own country?”

Possibly an erroneous assertion as “Englishmen were the first to use ‘Aotearoa’ as a collective name for our islands.” See here. But moving on …

While Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won’t commit to a legal name change, she instead believes it will happen organically as more New Zealanders learn te reo Māori.

National Party leader Simon Bridges echoed Ardern’s idea, believing the name change didn’t need to be made legal.

“No, I don’t think it needs to be official. But I think many New Zealanders talk about Aotearoa New Zealand,” he said.


Even the supposedly non-political Governor General got in on the act:

Dame Patsy said that the proposal to change New Zealand’s name “is quite good because it acknowledges that there are two partners to the Treaty.”

Apart from the fact that Aotearoa New Zealand is a bit of a mouthful, especially when it eventually becomes The People’s Democratic Republic of Aotearoa New Zealand, there are other important changes that will need to be made.

There are ISO standard country codes, both 2-letter and 3-letter. Obviously we are currently assigned NZ and NZL as our entries in these lists.

Fortunately, AN and ANZ are not assigned as yet (apart from a certain bank and airline), so that is fortunate, but it is going to be seriously annoying having to change every .nz website in the country to .an domain. thebfd.co.nz will have to become thebfd.co.an and so on. To ensure future happiness for all, we cannot leave these inadvertent artefacts of colonialism untouched.

The ANZUS Treaty will become The AANZUS Treaty; ANZAC Day will become AANZAC Day, ditto the biscuits.

Every company that has “New Zealand” in its name will need to re-brand or be accused of colonialism by the woke brigade.

If you thought that changing the flag would cost a bunch of cash, changing the country name will make the flag change cost look like petty cash.

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