Today’s post is a request for more Weekend Quiz content.

I would like people to contact me who would like to create five quizzes for us on a topic of their choice. The quizzes can be created and saved for use when needed.

No commitment will be expected. All I ask is that you create a minimum of five quizzes. (If you want to do more than that it is completely up to you.)

That’s all.

No commitment, just a one-off job that will take around 2½ hours of your time and that can be spread over a week or weeks if necessary, doing a few questions at a time.

Each quiz must have a minimum of ten questions and a maximum of 15.

The BFD Needs You. Photoshopped image credit Pixy

If you would like to create five quizzes for us on a topic of your choice please contact me today: sb at Please put Quiz in the subject line.

If some of you contribute a little of your time we will be able to continue to provide our audience with a variety of entertaining quizzes for the whole BFD community to enjoy on the weekends.

Have fun.

  • If you are a Greenie quiz us on the environment.
  • If you vote Labour quiz us on Labour party facts.
  • If you are a “road maggot” get your own back and quiz us on cycling!
  • As long as you are testing our grey matter we want to hear from you.