Dear Editor

Things like the “patriarchy” and “gender stereotypes” are the fabrications of whinging feminists and liberals who use whatever political lies they can to convince the world to serve them. 

All it takes to combat this self-centred notion is a tiny bit of common sense. 

Modern feminism is a misguided, sexist cult that worships its fabricated god, The Patriarchy. His divine label is plastered over anything and everything that upsets the delicate constitution of a feminist. After all, why worry about girls in India being forced to get married at 8 years old when in the USA businesses expect female employees to dress decently? The latter is obviously a far more troubling issue. 

Within this cult, there are obviously two tiers: naïve women genuinely concerned about their rights, and selfish women who are power-hungry and believe the world owes them something, so they have fabricated a “patriarchy” to guilt-trip men into giving them what they want. Women, there are more than seven billion people. Don’t use your “abused-by-men” genitals to demand more than you deserve. 

Further, does humanity really need to cry over girls’ toys being pink when millions of young girls don’t have access to feminine hygiene products? Is it an effective use of time to go to court demanding the extra 80 cents your male colleague gets when thousands of girls never finish high school because they get pregnant at 14? 

If modern feminists were really concerned about womankind they would be rallying against bigger issues than First-World trivialities. The patriarchy is an easy way to pass the blame for their own failings onto someone else – men. 

Modern feminism has nothing to do with the rights of women at large, and everything to do with a few egotistical women getting what they want. 

One of the stupidest things that’s permeated throughout all of society and politics is gender stereotypes. Sure, people should be able to choose hobbies/life paths without limitations. But the notion that girls’ preference for dolls is a false construction of The Patriarchy – forced upon them by society – is a load of crap. The majority of girls naturally lean towards caring-type roles. This is not fabricated by old white men, it’s biology.

Experiments were done on babies too young to have picked up on “societal pressures”. The results showed that the majority of girls responded more to a face – personal/emotional – while the majority of boys had more response to a mobile – mechanical. It’s in our genes. Further, a similar experiment was carried out on our closest relatives – chimpanzees. They were given the option to play with toy cars or dolls. The females chose dolls, while the males chose cars, and they certainly didn’t have the human Patriarchy telling them what to do! 

As the ones who carry and nurse offspring, it’s natural that females’ nurturing and relational instincts are stronger, while males, who protect and provide for their mate as she looks after the child, are more logic-based. This isn’t something we’re told by society; we’re genetically made this way. Different parts of females’ brains dominate as opposed to males’. These things were not put upon us by a Patriarchy, we naturally are this way. 

We see, in whining over gender stereotypes, the demanding attitude feminists have. They think they should be able to do whatever they like and apparently have decided that lecturing us about a so-called Patriarchy is the best way to make us all step back and let them take over. 

And when feminists don’t get their way, instead of owning up to their faults and mistakes, they pass the blame to men. 

Does your male colleague get paid more than you? Maybe he actually works hard instead of wasting his time complaining about the imaginary foundation of evil society, the Patriarchy. 

I’m not saying it’s always the woman’s fault. Life is unfair. But feminists – or anyone, for that matter – shouldn’t get away with acting stupidly because they can blame it on “The Patriarchy.” You can sit there and say your society was built for men all you like, but you’ll likely achieve more if you maturely own up to your mistakes and get on with life.

And now this wonderful gender spectrum we’re getting shoved down our throats. 

Quite frankly, I, and many others, have had enough of this raving on about the patriarchy and its supposed social constructs. If we take a step back from politics and look at our DNA, and the habits of other animals, it becomes clear that the only thing that is a social construct is the LGBTQ+ movement. I feel utterly justified in using the word “movement” for it truly is a politically driven crusade. But back to the science, the tiniest bit of legitimate knowledge makes it clear. We have biology to back up these so-called ‘gender stereotypes,’ we have biology to back up two clearly defined genders – male and female. What we don’t have the biology to back up is the non-binary, transgender, pick-and-mix what you want to be agenda. 

It is these cold hard facts that need to be spoken. 


A Frustrated (Female) Teenager 

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