You’ve got to hand it to the modern left: they don’t know much, but they sure know how to hate. Whether it’s Antifa beating journalists to pulp and screaming “NAZI SCUM” at elderly couples just trying to cross the road, or social media bullying lynchings which drive people to suicide – for all their palaver about “inclusion” and “safe spaces”, the left are some of the most unhinged haters going.

Blogger Scott Alexander recently noted that the very same people who abused him for expressing satisfaction at Osama bin Laden’s death (”how could I possibly be happy about the death of another human being, even if he was a bad person? Everyone, even Osama, is a human being, and we should never rejoice in the death of a fellow man”) proceeded to joyfully celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher.

As we at The BFD well know, there’s nothing the left-media love more than piling on someone when they’re down.

Much the same is taking place as news emerges that Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson is gravely ill, recovering from a long-standing benzodiazepine addiction. Left-wing social media has erupted in an orgy of gloating, tempered only by the expressed disappointment that Peterson didn’t actually die.

The legacy media are helping fuel the leftist hate-binge by spreading the most egregious lies.

Peterson rose to prominence four years ago when he refused to address students by their chosen gender pronoun at the University of Toronto, where he teaches psychology.

He became a well-known opponent of transgender rights, political correctness, the concept of cultural appropriation and any movement to protect the environment, and drew huge numbers of online followers.

Almost all of that is blatantly untrue. Peterson has repeatedly stated that he wasn’t opposed to addressing transgender people by their preferred pronouns – what he objected to was being forced to do so, under threat of litigation or criminal charges.

Peterson does not oppose “transgender rights”: he opposes transgenderism being used as a vehicle to trample the rights of others, especially women. Many feminists agree: from sports to beauty clinics to prisons, women and girls are having their rights (not to mention their bodies) brutally smashed by mentally ill men in dresses.

As for opposing “any movement to protect the environment” – this is pure fantasy.

But the legacy media hatchet-job on a very sick man (Peterson is only just out of intensive care and has apparently suffered physiological and neurological damage and is unable to type or walk unaided) isn’t finished.

Those who confront him often face abuse and threats from his supporters, who venerate him as an intellectual hero of the alt-right movement.

Where is the Times writer’s evidence for the first claim? And how is it relevant to Peterson himself, who invariably treats his opponents with calm politeness? As Milo once asked, is Taylor Swift held responsible for her fans’ abuse of Katy Perry?

But “intellectual hero of the alt-right movement” is a revolting lie, for all that it’s practically the go-to lie for the legacy media when character-assassinating anyone to the left of Marx and Engels. Peterson has repeatedly denied being even a conservative, let alone “alt-right”.

Let’s be clear, here: “alt-right” is not a synonym for “conservative”, or even “right-wing”. The actual alt-right have a number of core beliefs, chief among them ethno-nationalism. Peterson has never expressed anything remotely like that.

The legacy media need to be held accountable for their constant peddling of bilious hatchet-jobs fuelling the most vicious online hate campaigns.

Patricia Marcoccia, a filmmaker in Toronto who has co-produced a documentary about the professor, speculated that online abuse and clashes with journalists could have affected his health.

She told CBC: “Some people can take being hated better than others. I think it’s something that’s been particularly difficult for him.”

The left talk a good game about “respect” and “safety”, but what they walk is unhinged hate and brutal bigotry.

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