Humorous content

Journalist Sean Plunket appears puzzled at how The BFD obtained a newsworthy photo, so I thought that I would help him out by putting together a remedial primer called Journalism 101. (I’m very helpful like that.)

How a newsworthy photo could find its way to The BFD:

  1. Secret Squirrel.
The BFD. Secret squirrel. Photoshopped image credit Xavier

2.Carrier pigeon

The BFD carrier pigeon reporting for duty after a hard days flight between Tauranga and Auckland.

3. Via bike courier using secret double agent JAG.

The BFD. Secret double agent JAG delivering the latest secret photo to The BFD HQ.
Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

4. Via the internet thingy…

The BFD. Photographer sending photo via the internet thingy

5. Memory stick via NZ Post.

The BFD. USB memory stick via NZ Post (if you are not in a hurry)

6. Glass bottle thrown into the sea.

The BFD. Photo in a bottle.

7. Found in a dumpster wrapped in dirty nappies.

The BFD. The dumpster technique.

8. Pillow talk with someone’s wife, husband, mistress…

The BFD. Pillow talk is a well-known method employed by Journalists since time immemorial.

9. Loose lips and an open handbag at the Backbencher.

The BFD. The Backbencher pub in Wellington.