Wow, who would have thought? Dr Who gets replaced by a chick and suddenly ratings drop like a malfunctioning TARDIS. Comic book news explains.

Viewers continue dropping Doctor Who in droves as the latest numbers are in which sees a drop of near one million viewers for the season.

Sunday’s third episode of Doctor Who Season 12, “Orphan 55,” was only watched by an estimated 4.19 million viewers in the UK, a drop of 410K from the previous episode, which was already down 300K viewers from the first episode on New Year’s Day that brought in 4.9 million people.

So that’s almost a drop of near a million people from the first episode of Season 12 to the third episode with 710K lost.

[…] Season 12 also has the worst Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score.

The UK tabloid sites are now also reporting on the news as the UK’s Sun offers: “Struggling Doctor Who attracts worst ratings under Jodie Whittaker as millions of fans snub show on New Year’s Day.”

The site goes on to note that insiders state the BBC is worried.

“Beeb bosses were hoping the downturn in ratings towards the end of the last series was just the novelty of Jodie’s arrival wearing off a little,” claims the insider. “But the fact that the new season seems to have fared even worse will have them worrying whether it has less to do with who plays the Time Lord, and signs of a greater problem with the show.”

I have to admit I had to reread the above paragraph a few times. You have to remember that Jodie Whittaker as the first female Dr Who was introduced with great fanfare by the BBC. Now they’re calling it a “novelty”. And, apparently, the reason for the ratings dive isn’t to do with the fact they’ve got a female Dr Who but “a greater problem with the show.” Facepalm.

Obviously, if things don’t improve, Doctor Who will be undergoing some big changes in the near future.

This isn’t about sexism. I personally don’t care if Dr Who is changed to a woman, lizard alien, or whatever, so long as there is a reason to do so that actually fits in with the storyline of the show. Virtue signalling isn’t a reason.

Dr Who being replaced by a woman for no other reason than the BBC trying to show how “progressive” they are isn’t the worst thing that could happen in pop culture. For example, we could have Thor replaced by a chick (actually this has already happened), Wonder Woman being replaced a tranny (hasn’t happened yet, but it will), and a blind/deaf/cripple Superman. That’s assuming, of course, he hasn’t already transitioned into “Supertranswoman”.

But anyway here’s a thought. Maybe the BBC and Raelene Castle of Rugby Australia can get together and find even more stuff to ruin.