Simon Bridges ruling out NZ First as a prospective coalition partner has come with mixed public reaction, but approval from many National supporters. Even some non-supporters have voiced their approval of Bridges’ nailing his colours to the mast and ‘get(ting) some guts’ to quote former PM Sir John Key. Heavens, even a BFD poll gives his decision around 70% support, on a site where criticism of Bridges abounds.

Newshub reports that hours earlier Laurence Yule when asked his opinion of Peters had said “Winston is one of the most successful politicians in New Zealand”. Newshub editorialise that Yule has “a different view”. I disagree. Yule has an opinion, which National allows their politicians to express.

It is a fact what Yule said. Longevity is a good indicator of success in politics and putting aside how he achieved it, Peters has stuck around for some 40 years and kept his party together. That in itself is a success. Bridges would quite likely agree with Yule on that point.

Yule does not have a different opinion from Bridges. His comment on Peters is quite apart from their decision to ditch NZ First and he likely agrees with Bridges’ decision.

This is something the left, which includes most of the media, cannot comprehend. When you dislike someone, it has to be on a nuclear scale, no room for big picture, nuance, logic, reason or digging down for finer details and complete with personal attacks.

On the surface, successful though Peters may have been to last this long, when we dig down- into the finer details we find it is the way he has done it and the choices he has made that has determined Bridges’ decision. The name ‘charlatan’ has been attached to Peters over the years and for good reason. 

A recent example would be him declaring he was going into ‘good faith’ negotiations with both major parties after the last election whilst surreptitiously taking a lawsuit against two of their MPs. His coming up short with no convictions, having successfully smeared the two women, received very little coverage from the media: more wreckage the politician leaves in his wake from his decades in politics. 

Editor’s note:

The judge is yet to deliver his verdict. Anne Tolley admitted under cross-examination to having discussed Winston’s private super details with a) her staff, b) the ministry, c) her husband, d) her sister. The lawsuit follows the actions of National in leaking as you can’t have a lawsuit without there first being a cause. That cause was National leaking his information. Barry Soper gave evidence that it was National who did it (a National staffer).

Bridges uses this in his announcement as a reason why they cannot trust Peters, and he has struck a chord with many people who remember this drawn-out 2-year lawsuit. 

Richard Harman in a recent Politik piece and left-leaning politicians like Ardern talk about the ‘tribal’ right in a negative way as they oppose nationalism. They ideally would like to leave immigration decisions to bodies like the UN.

May I suggest it is the left who are more fiercely ‘tribal’ and often motivated by fear of disagreeing with the mob. When do you ever see a Labour MP come out in criticism of Ardern or their policies? Rarely. 

We all knew that Judith Collins opposed the Carbon Zero Bill for a long time, and that other MPs have been against the party’s status quo on some issues. They have, no doubt, long discussions on issues to reach consensus. MPs are not afraid to disagree as freedom of thought and speech is not just part of their ideology but practised as part of their party’s culture 

Four Republicans opposed voting to stop witnesses in the US impeachment trial. In the end, two absconded. The Democrats all voted in favour, despite talk some were opposed. I believe this will be repeated in the final vote despite talk of some Dems absconding. 

Republican politicians in the early days criticised Trump. (Some, like Mitt Romney, still do). Senior Senator Lindsay Graham was one. He now is fiercely loyal. They are not vilified for their opinion, apart from Trump’s tweets, which they ignore. It’s called freedom of speech. Their actions show their support for him, all likely voting for his acquittal.

The left fall into line as their rules are more regimented, they are forced by fear and ideology to comply. Like manmade climate change where the left’s ideology is in unison, the science is settled.

The Newshub writer who said that Yule has a “different view” fails to recognise the nuances in this issue. Or they could have been out to create a headline deliberately ignoring the obvious, or are just not very bright. Take your pick.

It’s OK to have personal opinions, particularly if you are on the right of the political divide. However, actions speak louder than words. National have expressed their real feelings and intentions through their actions against a man who has become their enemy, not a potential coalition partner. Bridges has called Peters’s bluff.  The stage is set for a dramatic campaign.

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