Terry Dunleavy

“Time for Action” would be a good slogan for National for the coming election (in contrast to Labour’s talk-a-lot, do-nothing virtue signalling). We can’t start too soon, and this could underline Simon’s potential as a walk-the-walk, decisive achiever-leader. He should tackle Ardern head-on! The woke and the lefties will wail, but the news media will lap it all up.

The BFD’s excellent piece Will Ihumatao Be Ardern’s Waterloo? is a good opening.

Simon needs to say: “C’mon Jacinda, put up or shut up! You’ve inserted yourself into the Ihumatao mess. What are you gonna actually DO? If you’re going to sneak money to buy off Fletchers and undermine our system of property law and our historic accepted process for Treaty settlements, stop fiddling, have the guts to say so, and take the consequences.”

I have to say that my personal attitude has been hardened by these comments from one of my Climate Science Coalition colleagues:

“Unfortunately for NZ, the final statement “- the hubris of a tiny cadre whose grand visions and lack of humility far exceed their ability to deliver” also applies perfectly to the ‘neo-liberal/right wing’ cadre of Treasury, Douglas, Caygill, Bassett, de Cleene, Palmer, Trotter, Kerr, Richardson, Birch and Bradford, who applied extreme theories that do not even work in theory.

As a result, the opposite of what was supposed to occur happened:

Debt did not go down, it ballooned;

Many of the most significant costs to homes and businesses soared;

The (true) skill base was devastated;

The bureaucracy at both central and local government level ballooned; and

Internal efficiency declined, and overall international competitiveness declined.

The reason that the public demanded that MMP (which is not popular with many members of this executive) be introduced was that for several elections, the public were promised one agenda at election time, and then were subjected to a completely different agenda (that of the tiny cadre described above, with a complicit moronic media) when elected.  Pure fraud, similar to that which John Rofe correctly accuses Comrade Ardern of.”

I think Simon has to stop worrying about inevitable retorts from the woke and the left about why we didn’t address these issues during our nine years of National-led Government. I think Simon’s reply to that has to be along the lines of: “That’s history. That was then and this is now. National is under new leadership with a new and decisive reaction to the non-delivery by this current Coalition which is dragging New Zealand backwards. We won’t just talk about problems, we’ll fix them; we’ll put the country right” [my pun fully intended!].

Another issue Simon should attack –  from another mate in North Shore about what’s happening in Auckland:

Have you heard about the Government’s  ‘Urban Development Agency’? Not surprising if you haven’t. The Government seems to want to push it through Parliament under cover of Christmas and summer holidays. The Government introduced it into the House as late as 10th December. Submissions close on 14th February.

It seems the Minister in charge of this is Mr Phil Twyford. who previously made many fine speeches and claims about solving the housing crisis. This seems to be another such attempt. In my view, the proposed legislation might make even a totalitarian government blush.

Most of us probably believe that our home is  our ‘castle.’ Not any more! Your house, your garden, your parks, can all be taken over compulsorily. by this new agency (disguised as Kainga Ora) for ‘large scale developments of intensive housing’ (undefined.)

This new legislation can override many other Acts of importance. It can also override the Unitary Plan, regional plans, reduces the time and grounds for resource consents, takes no account of climate change, or the environment generally.

Do read it and weep – or make a submission. See ‘NZ Parliament – Urban Development Bill.’ 

In the pre-election environment which has just begun, and will intensify when Parliament resumes next week, “Time for Action” begins with taking the gloves off and starting well-aimed and clear counter-punches at the virtue-signalling CoL. As for Winston: simply ignore him!

Kia kaha!

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