So, the Australian Greens have yet another fairy king trying on the party’s coveted golden clown shoes. When the party’s Oberon, Bob Brown, abdicated the toadstool throne, he was replaced by Richard di Natale, the ass-headed Nick Bottom of Australian politics. Eschewing the chance to show their progressive credentials and install a Titania as queen of the fairy parade, the party has opted for yet another white male, Adam Bandt.

Bandt was quick to show that he’s as far away with the fairies as the party faithful could desire.

New Greens leader Adam Bandt has stood by his accusations that Scott Morrison and big business are responsible for “killing people.”

After replacing Richard Di Natale on Tuesday, Mr Bandt said the Prime Minister’s climate change approach would lead to “three times as many deaths” as the 2019-20 bushfires.

Like all little pixies, Bandt pipes a merry tune about “science”, while demonstrating unequivocally that he doesn’t know science from fairy dust.

On Wednesday, the Greens leader said he was “just stating the science.”

“My point is that Scott Morrison, when he says that we are on track to meet our emissions targets, we are on track for more than three times as much warming as we’ve witnessed so far,” he told ABC News.

“And that means more than three times as much devastation.”

Almost none of that is remotely true. The only factual statement in Bandt’s farrago of nonsense is that PM Morrison – correctly – states that Australia is more than meeting the targets set by the Paris Agreement.

When Bandt excitedly babbles that “we are on track for more than three times as much warming”, he merely shows that he can’t comprehend the difference between a fairy tale and a science textbook. “Three times as much warming” is something even the IPCC admits is a far-fetched, worst-case scenario which is almost certain not to occur. The IPCC regularly publishes a range of scenarios, from best to worst-case. As history shows, its worst-cases have never come to pass; in fact, what climate alarmists have characterised as wild optimism has actually been the real-world case.

Pixie Bandt’s claim that three times as much warming means “three times as much devastation” only further demonstrates his idiotic failure to comprehend that climate is a non-linear system.

Still, Bandt has a long history of subscribing to leftist fairy tales. After all, his PhD thesis (which he tried to hide from public scrutiny) was on Marxism, and praised “the divine violence of the revolutionary general strike”. It was during his university days that Bandt also opined that the Greens were just another “bourgeois party”, albeit one that was ripe for a Marxist takeover.

Of course, the idea that a supposedly environmentalist party would be used by shadowy Marxists as a catspaw for their radical, far-left agenda is just another of Bandt’s fairy-tales, surely?

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