A French atheist teenager online called Islam a “Shit religion” and said that “the Koran is full of hate” and her comments went viral. Can you guess what happened next?

A) French Muslims went out of their way to show her how peaceful, loving and tolerant Islam is.

B) French Muslims challenged her to a public debate to discuss her concerns about Islam

C) She had to be removed from her school because she received multiple threats of rape and death for the crime of blaspheming and was forced to go into hiding.

The teen came out of hiding to defend her right to criticise other religions during an interview on French TV and her lawyer Richard Malka has accused the left of failing to defend secular values.

During the interview Mila defended her right to her strong atheist convictions. She said: ‘I would like to clarify that… I would like to come back to the subject about the fact that I absolutely do not regret what I said, that it was really what I thought.’

Then show host Yann Barhes says: ‘That you don’t regret the right to blaspheme?’ 

Mila replies: ‘Yes, that’s right. The right to blaspheme. And I don’t have to hide for this reason. I don’t have to stop living for this. 

‘But I would still like to say that in some way I am a little bit sorry towards the people who I might have hurt who practise their religion in peace, and I never wanted to target human beings. 

‘I simply wanted to… blaspheme… I wanted to talk about a religion, and say what I thought about it, and that’s all.’

Mila also told the show host: ‘There are two things I regret in this story. The first is that I said it on social media because I had not taken into account how big it could get and [I also regret] having said it in such a vulgar way, because I could have argued my point better.’

When asked by Yann Barthes: ‘Could you have said these words about another religion?’

Mila replies: ‘Yes, of course.’

Barthes then asks: ‘Have you always been an atheist?’

And Mila replies: ‘I have always been an atheist.’

Barthes then says: ‘The law says something very simple. One can insult a religion but not citizens because of their religious beliefs. And you say in the video “one cannot be racist towards a religion.” Is this a question you had already thought about?’

Mila replies: ‘Yes, of course.’

Barthes says: ‘To be so on point.’

Mila then replies: ‘There is a difference between religion and people. And people who are not capable of telling the difference are morons.’

Mila’s original post, which went viral online, caused heated debate in France, where the country’s left-wing elite has been accused of cowardice for not speaking out in defence of the teenager, who faced death threats for insulting Islam.

Police reportedly told her that it is too dangerous for her to return to her high school and she is said to be struggling to find another that would be willing to take her in.

Richard Malka, her lawyer, told The Times: ‘It is the left that traditionally defends secularism in this country. It saddens me that it has not done so in this case’, adding that her situation had been ignored by feminist and left-wing groups, which are usually quick to defend female victims of verbal and physical violence.

Mila told French publication Bellica how she feels ‘the whole of France wants me dead’ after no one stood up for her following the attacks, and as though she can ‘no longer set foot in my high school, and I can’t even change my high school’. 

The teenager’s lawyer, Richard Malka, said her plight has been completely ignored by the left, and accused them of disregarding the values laid down by Voltaire in the 18th century

The threats came about after Mila, who loves singing and whose profile is adorned with an LGBT flag, was talking with her followers on Instagram and one of them reportedly began harassing her.

[…] Then the attacks took a religious tone, with some users reportedly accusing Mila of insulting ‘our God Allah, the one and only’ and hoping that she would ‘burn in hell.’

It is then that Mila decided to post footage criticising religion in general and Islam.

‘I hate religion, […] there is nothing but hate in the Koran, Islam is s**t, that’s what I think,’ she said in the videos posted to her Instagram stories on January 19.

‘I am not racist, not at all. You cannot be racist towards a religion. I said what I thought, you will not make me regret it. There are still people who will get excited, I clearly don’t give a damn, I say what I want, what I think.’

French media point out that under French law, Mila has done nothing illegal, there being no restrictions on ‘blasphemy’ in France.  


Remember back in history when no one in France or Germany or Poland stood up for the Jews when they were being persecuted? Remember how Germany was able to persecute and then exterminate millions of Jews without any pushback from the locals even as the smell of the furnaces burning thousands of bodies and ash blew over their towns?

Feminists and the left in France are silent as a young woman and atheist is being persecuted and threatened with rape and death. She is being denied an education for having an opinion. She represents everything that they should hold dear yet they are silent. There is only one logical reason for their silence and it is fear. Like the locals who did nothing about the concentration camps in their midst, they fear the evil being visited on them if they speak out.

France is at a tipping point. If no high school is safe for this teen then what does that tell you about what has happened to France? How long now before France is an Islamic country? Perhaps it already is in all but name. This once rousing song from Les Miserables no longer applies.

RIP France, a country of slaves.

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