Author of China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine Rosemary Gibson has revealed China’s “global chokehold” on the “manufacturing of medicines and medical supplies.” It has always been said that China plays the long game and the revelation of the USA’s current dependence on it for medicine is of real concern.

The recent coronavirus outbreak in China has exposed America’s dependence on China.

[…] “If China shuts the door on exports of medicines and the ingredients to make them, within a couple of months our pharmacies would be empty. Our healthcare system would cease to function. That’s how dependent we are.”

Just as China is quietly buying up influence in the Pacific with its loans to struggling Pacific nations and its backdoor donations to political parties, China is also in the position to be able to inflict serious damage on a nation by controlling over 80% of its medicine supply.

Trump has made great strides in making the USA almost independent for its oil needs so it no longer can be forced to bend to the whims of non-democratic oil-producing nations. Now he needs to look towards bringing back the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies to the USA.

Part of the appeal of Donald Trump to many was his promise to take on China and their predatory destruction of various US industries in which they were aided and abetted by Democratic party politicians. He has done this, and there has been much outcry from many politicians who were likely being bribed by the Chinese.

Recently the FBI arrested the chairman of the chemistry department at Harvard University and charged him with selling secrets to the Chinese. That is a major embarrassment for Harvard. Several other major universities are facing similar charges.

[…] “Say there’s a coronavirus outbreak in the United States, God forbid, and a lot of people end up in hospitals with severe cases. The medicines needed to care for them if they can’t breathe and are on a ventilator — fentanyl and propofol — [are made in China]. We depend on China for the raw materials. If they go into shock, the epinephrine and dopamine we need to care for them, we depend on China. If they have bacterial infections, we depend on China for the antibiotics.”

Many over-the-counter supplements sold in the U.S. are at least partly manufactured in China, Gisbon noted. “We can’t make [vitamin C] here anymore. That comes from China.”

America has lost much of its manufacturing apparatus for medicines to China via globalization, explained Gibson. “With our medicines, it’s not just the active ingredient [that is made in China]. It’s the raw chemicals, the molecules, the white powdery stuff, that we also depend on China for. That’s where China has the real global chokehold.”

[…] even India depends on China,” Gibson stated.” [India’s] generic industry would shut down within weeks and months without those core components, and you see it in the Indian press, right now, that they’re already concerned about this because this coronavirus in China is really disrupting supply chains.”

China uses predatory mercantilist policies — including dumping — to undercut American and Western drug manufacturers, just as the communist state did with steel and other commodities, noted Mansour.

[…] Gibson warned, “We are so vulnerable. These are infectious diseases, and we depend on China to treat them.”

[…] “Our military is dependent on China. So the young men and women in the South China Sea on those aircraft carriers, they’re dependent on their adversary for their medicine.

[…] “There are no short-term solutions,” Gibson stated of measures to restore America’s medical manufacturing capacity. “We have lost so much of our industrial base to make our own medicines, and you don’t create that overnight.

[…] So many of these manufacturers [are now] Chinese domestic companies that are now ramping up from ingredients to making generic finished drugs. So now, 90 percent of the generic drugs sold in the United States [are linked to China]. They’re birth control pills, antidepressants, HIV/AIDS medicines, medicines for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, diabetes.”

[…] Free market solutions can’t correct China’s mercantilist undercutting of Western drug and medical supply manufacturing.

“Some are saying, ‘Let the free market fix it,’” noted Gibson. “There is no free market. We wouldn’t allow this for our nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers to operate, because we’d be making them in China. We need to think of our medicines as a strategic asset. Not as something cheap that we outsource to a country that has a lot of problems.”

[…] “It’s not a free market. They cheated [with] subsidies to these Chinese companies, so it’s very hard for any U.S. or Western company to compete, because you’re competing not with Chinese companies, you’re competing with the Chinese government.”

China doesn’t need an old fashioned war to defeat countries that depend on it for medicine. It can defeat them by controlling their access to medicine. Our globalist politicians have gotten us into this dangerous situation and now politicians like Trump need to get us out of it.

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