It’s no secret that we are being subjected to a rash of fake “hate crimes”. Jussie Smollett is only the most famous example of a trend across the Western world. What’s also obvious is that almost all of these hoaxes are deliberately intended to actually foster hate – in particular, hate against white men.

Hate crime hoaxes are themselves a particularly insidious form of hate crime.

A quote variously attributed to Karl Marx, Joseph Goebbels and Saul Alinsky runs, “Accuse your enemy of what you are doing”. Whatever its authorship, the latest notorious fake hate-crime from Britain follows this rule to the letter.

Aniso Abulkadir from Harrow, London, claimed she and her friends were racially assaulted at Baker Street Tube station yesterday morning.

The teenager shared a photo of the alleged attacker online and described how he attempted to remove her headscarf before hitting her.

Except that now a completely contradictory account emerges.

My fiancé was physically and racially attacked by gang of three racist women for being in an interracial relationship with myself[…]

[I] saw that the three women had completely surrounded my fiancé and started hurling racist abuse at her. Oyinda Olatuyi assaulted my fiancé twice, pushing her towards the platform edge. Luxikah Rajeswaran was encouraging the attack and yelled to Oyinda “push her onto the train tracks”. This is when I realized their intent was to do serious harm.

Concerned for my fiancé’s safety, I rushed back and stood between them and my fiancé and told them they were not going to hurt her.

A still image of the incident appears to verify Pawel Uczciwek’s claim, showing him standing protectively in front of his girlfriend.

Pawel Uczciwek claims he was defending his girlfriend (left) from a racist attack by three Muslim women. The BFD.

But it was then that the racist attackers tried to deflect their guilt by peddling that old favourite, the “hijab-pulling”.

Luxikah Rajeswaran began yelling “He just pulled off my friend’s hijab, he is a racist – someone get him,” trying to incite a mob against me. Most of the bystanders ignored them because they could clearly see that were lying[…]My fiancé was extremely shaken up and distressed at this point, since the attackers made several threats to her life, and they continued making threats, saying that they will be back to kill her and throw acid in her face.

Aware that Ucziwek and his girlfriend were about to report the incident, the three Muslims tried to head them off at the pass. They also enlisted that modern enabler of cowards and bullies, Twitter.

Resulting from protecting my fiancé from the gang attack, the accusers knew we were going to the police[…]As a result, they went to the police and lied that I had pulled Aniso Abdulkadir’s hijab and hit her, and pinned her friend against the wall. Both Luxikah Rajeswaran and Aniso Abdulkadir posted[…]on Twitter, telling people to find us. These false accusers stayed up all night stalking us for days, trying to find us and ruin our lives[…]They labelled us as racists and started making false tweets about this being an Islamophobic attack and that people live in fear, and we should be stopped, trying to provoke people into a violent rage — which led to death threats and harassment.

But, as Jussie Smollett has found, the truth will come out.

It was soon uncovered that the three accusers have a past of racism, and this was evident from the statements they would make on their social media:

All three Muslim women have been exposed for their online history of racism and hate, boasting of participating in a “race war”, and posting vile, racist attacks on white men.

But if Pawel and his girlfriend expected help from British authorities, they were sadly mistaken. They were as likely to be helped as a white girl in Rotherham.

CCTV was also uncovered, which shows proof of my fiancé being assaulted on the platform and no proof of the alleged falsified hijab attack. This was not surprising to me, since I knew this would be the case. It was clear that the officer was afraid to of being called an Islamophobe and sided with the accusers in an effort not to appear “racist”.

Still, for once, the courts delivered some form of justice.

The case was dismissed, and I was given a formal apology from the judge. The judge also scolded the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for their failure to conduct a proper investigation.

Meanwhile, the real racists have escaped any punishment. Yet again.

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