I have removed the link to January’s poll results from this post as some readers have used it to vote thereby changing the reported results. Please only vote in the February poll provided do not vote in last months poll.

At the end of each month, The BFD puts up a new poll with the same question so that we can track changes in voters’ preferences in the lead up to the election on September 19th.

Each month we will analyse the previous month’s results so that we can see which parties are gaining, losing or maintaining support in the lead up to election day.

If National changes leader part way through the year, for example, we will be able to tell you if that has affected support for the National party or not. Alternatively, if they do not change their leader we will be able to see if the voters that were expecting a leadership change remove their support for National as the election date gets closer.

January’s poll results had the ACT Party as the clear favourite on 49% with National in second place at 30% and New Conservative in third place on 17%. The Maori party had 1% and 3% of our readers were still undecided. NZ First had no support from our readers at all in that poll.

The BFD. January poll results.