Today’s face of the day is Destiny Church’s Hannah Tamaki who has been treated despicably by MediaWorks who run the reality show Dancing with the Stars.

With zero sense of irony, MediaWorks has kicked Hannah off the show because of the fuss made by a noisy and bullying minority while claiming that they…wait for it….wait for it…do not condone bullying.

“Our announcement for this year’s Dancing with the Stars cast is scheduled for the end of March, however we are taking the unusual step to confirm Hannah Tamaki will not be part of that lineup,” a MediaWorks spokesperson said.

“It was originally planned for Hannah to take part in the show. We now recognise this was a mistake and we apologise.

“We have seen a very strong reaction, some of which has been extreme and concerning and MediaWorks does not condone bullying. We would be failing in our duty of care to everyone if we continued as planned.

Hannah Tamaki has become yet another victim of the Cancel Culture of the left. I may not share her views or support her political party but the way she has been treated by MediaWorks is completely unacceptable. This is also another example of the Thugs Veto, as MediaWorks are claiming that they “would be failing in their duty of care” if they continued as planned. That can only mean one thing and that is that they have been threatened with violence if they go ahead.

If that is not the case and they are only booting her because of the whining of some LGBTQ+ community activists then that is even worse, because effectively it is a ban against Christians and another strike against freedom of speech. Effectively their actions tell us that MediaWorks will not tolerate anyone who doesn’t have LGBTQ+ community activist approved beliefs.

Where is the diversity of thought MediaWorks? Where is the leftie tolerance for others? Oh yeah, that’s right, there isn’t any.

Far from standing up to bullying, MediaWorks has given in to it.