If you think you’re just being paranoid when you imagine that the left absolutely dominate the public sphere, out of all proportion to the expressed will of the people at the ballot boxes, think again. Yes, the media do overwhelmingly lean left, and, no, they’re not in the least interested in balanced coverage.

Never mind that we plebs at the ballot box are, at best, pretty evenly split between left and right. The media know which side of the bed they’re on and they’re not about to roll over.

The American media are almost completely aligned to the political left. In Australia, the taxpayer-funded national broadcaster has hosted twice as many (and far more sympathetic) interviews with the minority Greens party (representing just 10% of voters) than the government and opposition, who together represent 75% of voters.

New analysis shows that Britain fares no better.

Despite claims made on Twitter whenever right-of-centre types appear on talk shows or panels, statist groups receive more media attention than free-market groups and are mentioned six times more frequently in the national media. According to our research, groups advocating higher spending have 40 times more funding and 37 times as many staff at their disposal than groups supporting lower spending. As a consequence, they unsurprisingly appear in the media far more often.

Think tanks and campaign groups advocating higher public spending enjoy funding 40 times greater than those advocating lower public spending.

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During the week we studied, low spending advocates were mentioned far less frequently than higher spending advocates:

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The big spenders have far more staff:

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The high spenders have millions more in funding compared to the few, far smaller, lower spending advocates:

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Our research shows that the right is outnumbered, outspent and appears on the airwaves far less frequently than the left’s advocacy groups. No need to ask who funds them – it is usually the taxpayers…


It’s all very incestuous. Leftists spend vast sums of taxpayer money to fund leftist propaganda demanding more taxpayer money – and everyone is sleeping with everyone else. Literally.

Some of the leftist groups whose views were given airtime include Extinction Rebellion, the socialist Fabian Society, Greenpeace, and the race equality think tank the Runnymede Trust, the later whose first director was Marxist scholar Dipak Nandy, the father of Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy.

It’s little different in Australia, where a roster of ABC journalists are married to Labor and Greens politicians and even more are former political staffers. The US media are much the same.

While this report examines the media landscape entire, other studies have pointed to bias in the BBC specifically. In 2018, think tank Civitas found that the BBC had suppressed Eurosceptic voices on its flagship current affairs radio programme, Today, in the decade to 2015. The report had revealed that of the 4,275 guests discussing EU matters only 132 — 3.2 per cent — backed leaving the bloc.

[…]a poll published in December showed that nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of Britons thought that the BBC was biased. Leading up to the general election, most Britons (48 per cent) responded in a poll that they did not trust BBC journalists to tell the truth, with one-in-five saying they did not trust the broadcaster “at all”.


More and more, conservatives are recognising a lost cause when they see it. Abandoning the legacy media landscape to the rampant leftists, the right are founding shining new beacons of free thought in the brave new world of new media. Which only infuriates the left even more. Establishment leftists like Samantha Bee rant and rage that genial conservatives like Dennis Prager are “dangerous”.

Apparently, because they’re terrified (and probably with good reason) that viewers are growing sick of the steady diet of leftist bullshit on offer from the legacy media.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, if we in the new media have enemies in the legacy media, it means that we’re standing for something.

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