The relentless promotion of PM Jacinda Ardern as some kind of paragon of virtue has become a deceptive and delusional farce and has now reached stomach-churning proportions. Just how much longer can this misrepresentation continue? If ever a person has used a tragic event to manipulate their own brand, it’s “brand Ardern”. Without the events of Christchurch and her immaculate conception, she would be buried without a trace.

With the first anniversary of that dreadful day looming it appears that the hijab will receive another airing and the international media have been put on full alert that “Wonder Woman” will be available for interviews and photo shoots.

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My assessment may sound harsh, but humility accompanies compassion. All media exposure gifted to Ardern is controlled by Ardern. True humanitarians avoid the public limelight. They have a calling, they serve their cause and, in general, remain inconspicuous. They have humility, their cause is greater than their personal profile. A glaring exception to this is “brand Ardern”. Many more words have been published and many more photos were taken with regards to Ardern’s intervention during the Christchurch tragedy than afforded to any of the victims dead or alive. And that is wrong.

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Yet here we go again, not focusing on the first anniversary of the massacre but the first anniversary of “brand Ardern”. A true humanitarian would have insisted that the focus be on the horrendous event and not on them. And she has full control of that. Time Magazine’s March issue bears testimony to Ardern’s thirst for admiration and affirmation. She was not forced to feature but chose to do so.

The BFD. The magazine will hit shelves March 2. Photo credit: TIME Magazine

She insists that we be “Known by our deeds”. But unfortunately, by choosing to feature, she has replaced “our” with “my” and that is the real tragedy. The police and medical staff who dealt with the aftermath of this catastrophe don’t even get a look in and neither do the victims. It’s all about her. And that is why I have no respect for our Prime Minister.

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