“Anti-racism” is the founding conceit of the modern left. The contemporary left was founded in the 1960s and its great bugaboo was not, as Bryan Burrough shows in his Days of Rage, the Vietnam War or any of the other guff ageing Boomers congratulate themselves on, it was the Civil Rights movement. Civil rights was a noble cause – and it was won with remarkable swiftness. Within a decade, Jim Crow was abolished and segregation dismantled.

But a problem solved is an existential crisis for an activist. With the Civil Rights war won, the left were stripped of their great cause. Worse, the struggle was often won at the hands of the right: from Eisenhower forcibly desegregating schools, to Republicans passing the Civil Rights Act over the objections of large swathes of Democrat members.

Faced with the choice of admitting that the war on racism was all over bar the shouting and that the “bad” right had done a lot of the work, the left chose instead to double down. The left needed racism. As Thomas Sowell says, racism was “kept on life support” by those whose careers depended on it. Beginning in the late 1980s, the left cottoned on to the race gift that never stops giving: “Intersectionality”.

Intersectionality is the direct antithesis of the founding principle of Civil Rights: judging people by the content of their character, not the colour of their skin. For the modern left, the colour of a person’s skin absolutely defines them.

You can’t be a woke-ist without blaming everyone for being racist and you have to be very intersectional and victim-y. It’s just not hopeful. What world do you want to live in? A world where everyone’s racist? Or do you want to live in a world where we’re trying to come together?[…]It’s so dangerous, identity politics, there’s nothing good about it. You wouldn’t want to be on a plane with a pilot who said “I got this job for diversity reasons”.

And there’s the great hypocrisy of leftist “anti-racism”: the left is obsessed with race to an extent that would make an SS Obergruppenfuhrer blink. They see everything, as Theodore Dalrymple observes, “through race-tinted spectacles”.

We have to remember that what they’re accusing you of is what they are. And that’s why I stand up against them. The woke-ists, I think, are fundamentally a racist bunch. They see colour everywhere. And identity politics is extremely racist as well.

It’s not doing anything but dividing us. I think we’ve got to judge someone on the content of their character not the colour of their skin.


This obsession with race has deranged the left, to the detriment of everyone. Intersectionality poisons everything it touches, the left no less than anything else.

It’s just as well the left keeps losing elections around the world – worse than losing votes; they’ve lost the plot. The hypocrisy coming from the left isn’t just deafening. It’s unhinged. Just last week we saw Pauline Hanson accused of “racism” for daring to speak up about the absolute necessity of personal responsibility.

This is what happened to Bill Leak. For daring to openly say what data unequivocally proves – that Aboriginal children are disproportionately neglected and abused – Leak was pilloried all the way to the laughably-named “Human Rights” Commission. TV personality Sonia Kruger was all-but cancelled for her opinion on Muslim immigration.

“The biggest problem facing Australian and Aboriginal Australians today is there [sic] own lack of commitment and responsibility to helping themselves,” she told parliament last Wednesday. “If you want to close the gap, start taking some responsibility for your own people. We’ve provided the schools – it’s now up to you to send your own kids to school. We’ve provided the jobs but it’s up to you to turn up when you’re rostered on, not when it suits. It’s up to the Aboriginals to stay off the grog and the drugs.”

If Hanson had said the same thing about white ‘bogans’ in the Western suburbs, the left-elite would have sniggered and slapped her back. But, as Candace Owens found, insert any other racial group into the vile slurs the left regularly pile onto whites, and you’re summarily punished.

As YouTuber Derrick “SomeBlackGuy” Pilot says, people who call themselves “anti-racist” are often very racist indeed. “Anti-racist” leftists have no hesitation in hurling racist slurs like “Uncle Tom” at black people who dare disagree with the left’s dictates.

Hypocrisy, thy name is the left.


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