Concerned Firearms Owner

Brett Hudson proudly shows how National has not really listened to firearms owners. Here are the changes National proudly trumpets that they will push!

National’s changes include:

  • Requiring Police notification of a club or range’s existence and allowing Police to proactively seek and receive information about the club/range if needed
  • Exemptions for those involved in pest control
  • Exemptions for those involved in sports shooting
  • Removing the proposed register
  • Supporting the Office of the Clerk’s recommendation that certain regulation-making powers should be removed
  • A provision clarifying a practitioner may only notify Police if there is an immediate threat to individual or public safety
  • An amendment to the fit and proper person test that would stop an applicant from having a license approved if they had been convicted for an offence relating to violent, hateful or extremist speech or behaviour

Oh yes, firearms owners really are asking National to extend police powers. We definitely don’t need the police to “proactively seek and receive information” about the clubs and ranges. Now National OK the police to gather non-specific information about clubs and ranges.

To be fair exemptions for pest control and sports shooting are good, but are also NZ First policy. What about removing the register? This would be ideal but the political will for this to happen across the house? Yeah. Nah.

Supporting the removal of the Police ability to make “certain regulations”. Certain regulations? C’mon National, you can’t be half pregnant. Removal of which regulation-making powers? The regulation-making powers that don’t matter or the ones that do?

Making sure that the doctor-patient privilege remains intact is very important. However, firearms owners need legislation changed so that they won’t be required to name their doctor or so the Police won’t be able to tell the doctor that they are firearms owners. Its good of National, making sure doctor-patient privilege remains intact.

For the knockout uppercut and finally illustrating how far left National has travelled, read the last point again! National implicitly endorse “hateful or extremist speech” legislation. Don’t offend a snowflake if you own guns!

Gun owners everywhere can now see how deaf National are to their predicament. ACT listened but Seymour put his foot in his mouth because free speech is for all and ACT now holds a contradicting position on a person’s right to silence. New Conservative listen but until they get to 3-4% what can they do? NZ First: 250,000 gun owners and their families need your help.

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