New Conservative

This is our year! As you can see from the polls though, we are not being noticed by many people. This is not that people are rejecting us. It is simply that people have not heard about us. I had a report from some of our people who had recently been out knocking on doors, and they said that 95% of people had not heard of us. This is what we must change. But wait! If we poll at 1% and only 5% of people know of us, that means that 20% of people who have heard of us will vote for us!

I often have people calling me saying something like, “I have just found you. Finally a party with principles and talking sense! I’ve had enough of this lot. Another term with them and we are done for.” It is always encouraging to hear such words, but there are clearly a lot of people out there who have not yet found us. We are planning on changing that. We need more private sites on main roads to put billboards up on, so if you have one and haven’t yet told us, please let us know.

We have been busy with Press Releases which you can choose to read. We had an excellent Board meeting in Auckland late in January as we looked ahead and planned for the campaign. We will definitely need more people as the year progresses! If you yourself, or someone you know, have skills you think could be of value to the campaign, please be in touch. 

One of the many hot topics on facebook at the moment is this government’s push to make abortion available without question to 22 weeks, and then with someone else’s approval up to full term. One of the most liberal laws around abortion you will find anywhere. We have just modified our abortion policy to be more specific in a couple of areas. We understand that in rare cases abortion may be necessary to save the life of the mother. You can read our updated policy here.

Candidate processing continues and we will be ready to announce more candidates very soon. We are excited about the quality of so many of the people stepping forward. And those who have already been approved and announced are working hard already raising the profile of the party in their electorates. Great work thanks!

I look forward to hearing from you if you have a site on a main road for a sign. We are currently having a generic sign designed which we want to roll out in the next few weeks across the country. Although it is good to know that we have so many people who have said they have a site, we still don’t have enough sites for one in every electorate! So please, consider what you can do about this. Even visit someone you know who are well positioned and ask them. Let’s all do the little we can, and we will move forward with momentum.

Kind regards,

Kevin Stitt

National Administrator

Well, we now have a date for this year’s election and we have meetings booked from Oamaru to Whangarei to explain what NC stands for and what it can provide in parliament.

As you are well aware there is a huge void for any party that stands for traditional family, strong democracy, sensible policies and pragmatic solutions. We just need to get our message out to the millions of New Zealanders who see politics as an interruption to their busy lives!

To cross the 5% threshold we only need around 2000 votes per electorate, so if 20 people get 10 people, and they get ten people, then we are there. Sounds easy, but the reality is we need everyone who is convinced that New Conservative is a party that can make a difference, to be an ambassador for the party to their circle of influence.

We are looking forward to meeting you as we travel the country so keep an eye on the website for upcoming meeting dates and get behind your local candidate or convenor.

We have confirmed a number of candidates and have meetings booked with a whole lot more. Quality people are approaching us and asking to be involved which is encouraging and provides a greater depth in our team.

Thanks again for all your support and let’s make 2020 the year New Zealanders get control of their country again!


Leighton Baker

New Conservative Leader