Now that name suppression has been lifted we can reveal the full extent of National’s donor problem.

Here are social media photographs of key National party figures who are chummy with those charged for the National party donations, which still rest in National’s accounts.

Let’s start right at the top. Both John Key and President Peter Goodfellow are connected to Yikun:

The BFD. John Key and Sam Lotuiiga with Yikun Zhang
The BFD. John Key with Yikun Zhang
The BFD. John Key and Jiang Yang with Yikun Zhang
The BFD. National Party President Peter Goodfellow with Yikun Zhang who invited him to be an honorary chairman of the 20th International Teochew Conference in Auckland.

National president Peter Goodfellow was made an honorary chairman of a major Chinese conference organised by Yikun Zhang.

The National Party also gave Yikun Zhang the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to New Zealand-China relations.

The BFD. Governor-General with Yikun Zhang

Next up here is National leader Simon Bridges with Yikun:

The BFD. Simon Bridges with Yikun Zhang
The BFD. Simon Bridges with Yikun Zhang

Paula Bennett and Jiang Yang are also well known to Yikun:

The BFD. Parmjeet Parmar, Simeon Brown, Jian Yang and Paula Bennett with Yikun Zhang. Source: Facebook
The BFD. Paula Bennet with Jian Yang and Yikun Zhang.
The BFD. Chris Luxon with Yikun Zhang’s lawyer, Ping Chen. Source Luxon’s Christmas mailout

Jian Yang is very, very chummy with Yikun Zhang and the members of the Chao Shan General Association who are also charged by the SFO:

The BFD.

Sarah Dowie was also quite chummy:

The BFD, Sarah Dowie & Jami-lee Ross with Zhang Yikun

National people aren’t the only ones connected; so are Jacinda Ardern, Phil Goff, Andrew Little and Phil Twyford:

The BFD. Jacinda Ardern with Yikun Zhang
The BFD. Andrew Little, Phil Goff and Phil Twyford with Yikun Zhang

There can be no doubt whatsoever that the National party has a Chinese problem. Their donations are infected with the stench of corruption and the National party has sat on dodgy donations for more than two years. We can also be reasonably assured that there will be more.

Remember too that Simon Bridges, who said he knows nothing, was also at a boozy dinner with Yikun Zhang where a $100,000 donation was arranged. These guys don’t throw money at chumps, they throw money at the senior leadership. Bridges later discussed this very donation with Jami-Lee Ross which is what has led us all to this point.

National cannot deny they have a Chinese problem, and as more information comes out you are going to see more and more people come a gutser. They can’t say this has nothing to do with them, as they’ve got the money. They can’t say they’ve got nothing to do with this, as it was their whip who was the bag man. They can’t say they knew nothing when the evidence is there for all to see.

They only have themselves to blame too as they threw Jami-Lee Ross under a train. He had nothing to lose and now those chickens are coming home to roost. Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges would do well to remember their meeting with Jami-Lee Ross and a friend of his, where a deal was put on the table. They rejected that deal and 30 minutes later pushed the button that started all of this.

National’s caucus should be very worried after all the grandstanding their leadership has done over NZ First donations. That is now all going to blow up in their face.

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