Today’s face of the day is an experienced “dirty politics operator” who would have you all believe that she is as pure as the driven snow despite her history. She has many media contacts that she uses to get stories out into the public eye to the benefit of the National party.

She used Melanie Reid to get rid of a National party politician who was no longer toeing the party line. She lined up people to talk to the reporter in order to engineer a personal scandal. She even oversaw the media interviews of the people she had lined up to make sure that the right lines were said in order to get the result that she wanted.

When she engineered the hit job on Jami-Lee Ross she stepped over a line that had never before been crossed by a politician. She deliberately and publicly made a statement that would make people draw a clear inference about a fellow politician’s personal life that had nothing to do with his job or politics.

This week she stated publicly that she and National have nothing to do with experienced political operator Simon Lusk and ex Whaleoil editor Cameron Slater. She is telling the truth because both of them have a no dickheads policy.

The winning team of Crosby Textor fired the National Party a while ago, so they are now reduced to relying on the dark arts of Paula Bennett.

Good luck with that.

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