So it appears Phil Goff has had enough of Mike Hosking’s home truths re how the city is run and suggested he follows his own suggestion in a previous article and leave Auckland. Just to clarify, that was Mike’s suggestion, unfortunately, not Phil’s. So desperate is Phil to increase the numbers of bike riders in this city he invited Mike to leave “on yer bike”.

Normally I would be critical of building any more unused cycleways but Tamaki Drive is where one is needed. I wonder if any of the bright sparks in Auckland Transport have worked out why. The answer is because it’s flat. The topography of Auckland is the biggest drawback to cycling not being more popular. This is borne out by the example of Copenhagen where large numbers cycle and cyclists often have the right of way. Why? Again, because it’s flat.

Like Phil Goff, I live in Clevedon where, at the weekend, there are large numbers of recreational cyclists. Phil may not have noticed but large parts of the area are flat. Phil may also have noticed there are no cycle lanes and often cyclists are not in single file on fairly narrow roads. Even if they are there can still be interference with the weekend heavy traffic.

Returning to his invitation to Mike to leave Phil quipped -“ It will be a good thing for him and for us” to cheers of laughter from the audience which included Transport Minister Phil Twyford, transport officials, cyclists and local politicians. Another dollop of left nastiness. They just can’t help themselves. I suppose he has an excuse, realising as he should, that Mike on a daily basis is far more popular than he is and has the figures to prove it.

Many of us in Auckland would prefer Phil got on his bike and Mike took over as Mayor. I am sure one of the first things Mike would do is have a clean out at Auckland Transport, resulting in fewer unused cycleways and empty local buses. I seem to recall Mr Goff pre-election spoke in terms of taking a look at all Council Controlled Organisations. These outfits are largely nothing more than a drain on the ratepayers. The Independent Maori Statutory Board is another. One person could do that job. Like all government establishments, the bureaucracy soon burgeons out of control if not checked. The joys of using other people’s money.

The problem is you need someone who can walk the talk and take the necessary action. Very few on the left have grey matter that is wired for the purpose. Mike, on the other hand, would be in there like a robber’s dog, highlighting the difference between the right and the left on these matters. Tax and spend as against financial prudence and more money in the individual’s pocket.

So I say Mike for Mayor! He couldn’t do worse than the incumbent.

The BFD.

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