It was approximately a month ago that The BFD featured this graph, so it is time to check in again on Dr David Viner’s prediction that children soon won’t know what snow is. Dr Viner predicted in 2000 that “within a few years winter snowfall will become a rare and exciting event.”

We are now 20 years beyond then, and although a “few years” was not strictly quantified in the good doctor’s prediction I submit that two decades is a tad longer than ‘within a few’.

So how is the snow mass graph getting on?

The BFD.

Eyeballing that graph suggests that this year is 15% up on the 1982 -2012 average. Time for David to update his prediction?

“Ah, but!” I hear the Doomers say, “What happens when it all melts? Sea level rise, that’s what! – We Doomers have covered all the bases with our ‘Climate Change’ scenarios.”

The BFD: January 2020 Newfoundland record snowfall


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